GETTR Rolls Out Trio of AI Tools to Empower Social Media Users and Creators

GETTR, one of the fastest-growing social media companies in the world, has launched a trio of artificial intelligence (AI) tools on its platform to give users more flexibility and creativity in creating social media content.

GETTR’s new GETTR AI Post Copilot™ is exclusive to the platform, and makes creating engaging and impactful posts easier for users. The GETTR AI Post Copilot™ uses generative AI to offer suggestions and guide content creation. The new AI tool uses state-of-the-art language models to help users generate compelling content, including suggesting hashtags and helping capture the essence of the user’s draft message. AI-assisted content development helps users articulate their thoughts and overcome issues such as writer’s block.

The social media platform has also added GETTR AI Avatar™ as part of its premium service. With the GETTR AI Avatar™, paid subscribers can create personalized AI-generated visual personas using selfies or uploaded images. Using advanced AI algorithms to transform user photos makes creating custom avatars easy and increases the fun of using GETTR.

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Finally, GETTR is preparing for its public launch of a GETTR AI Chatbot™. The GETTR’s AI Chatbot™ provides a highly customizable experience with a variety of personalities to match your unique conversational style. Depending on the GETTR AI Chatbot™ chosen, it can provide personalized guidance and resources to learn a new skill, from fitness, to cooking, and beyond. The GETTR AI Chatbot™ also provides a seamless way for advertisers to connect with GETTR’s users via relevant and timeline in-chat commercial recommendations, enhancing the relevance and engagement of the GETTR AI Chatbot™ interaction.

“GETTR is committed to maintaining our technology leadership position, giving our users the most flexible and powerful social media platform available,” said GETTR CEO Ken Huang. “Our users are some of the most passionate and creative people from around the world. Adding state-of-the-art technology like generative AI will help GETTR attract more users and give us a distinct advantage over other social media. Harnessing AI allows GETTR users to create content in fun, easy and creative ways.”

“We are delighted with the initial response to the GETTR AI Copilot™,” said Huang. “We developed this AI feature in less than a month, and we’ve already seen a higher engagement rate for posts created with the help of the GETTR AI Copilot™. We expect users will get more out of GETTR and use it more often once they experience the power of AI-assisted content.”

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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