Leading Global Music Platform, TREBEL Music, Launches TREBEL AI

TREBEL Music, the only music app that offers music without the need for an internet connection at no cost to users, announced the launch of TREBEL AI, a revolutionary AI-powered product that is transforming how music lovers around the globe discover music and how advertisers connect with them.

Starting today, TREBEL users in the US, Mexico, Colombia, and Indonesia can use TREBEL AI’s interactive, GPT-driven system to make natural language queries for the types of music they want to listen to. By asking simple questions such as, “Can you recommend ’90s hip-hop and rock songs to listen to while I run?” listeners receive precise, personalized playlists tailored to their moods, desires, and activities in that exact moment—rather than hoping an algorithm will predict what they like.

“Meaningful music discovery relies on complex and hard-to-predict convergent factors that include a listener’s response to certain songs and melodies, their preference for specific artists, and even their emotions. Traditional machine learning algorithms only analyze a user’s past listening history and can’t account for this,” says TREBEL Music CEO, Gary Mekikian. “By responding directly to what someone says they want to hear at a moment in time, TREBEL AI gives listeners the most precisely calibrated recommendations of any music platform on the market.”

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As the only no-cost service for streaming and offline listening, TREBEL is one of the largest music platforms in the markets it serves. It is the most-downloaded music app in Mexico, and the second most-downloaded app in Indonesia and Colombia. It is supported by leading advertisers and agencies, including Coca-Cola, P&G, Diageo, and Heineken. Since its 2018 launch, TREBEL has provided industry-leading premium video advertising with completion rates above 90% and ad visibility of 100%. Now, with TREBEL AI’s ability to capture listener intent, TREBEL provides advertisers specific insights into consumer preferences based on user queries, allowing for highly customized and impactful ad placements.

TREBEL AI is a revolutionary feature that no other music platform offers, giving advertisers precise insights into their customer base, and listeners more opportunities for meaningful discovery and musical resonance than ever before.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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