Likewise Launches ChatGPT Plugin: A Revolutionary Tool for Personalized Entertainment Recommendations

Likewise , the personalized entertainment discovery platform with 6 million+ registered users, announced the launch of its ChatGPT plugin, the first in the entertainment industry. The Likewise plugin is integrated directly into ChatGPT, enhancing anyone’s ability to discover and navigate the vast world of entertainment. Additionally, the Likewise plugin is updated continuously, so ChatGPT users can now receive real-time recommendations and trending information on any TV show, movie, book, or podcast.

By leveraging the power of ChatGPT, the Likewise plugin transforms the way users search and interact with entertainment content. It enables users to ask and receive answers to intuitive questions such as:

  • “Where can I watch The Patient?”
  • “My husband and I are looking for a thriller with a strong female lead on either Netflix or Hulu”
  • “What are some books similar to Sapiens?”
  • “What are some trending comedy podcasts?”

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The Likewise plugin analyzes users’ input and provides relevant and current recommendations tailored specifically to their individual preferences. Users can click on any show, movie, book, or podcast to save it to their list or click to learn more. Users can also see ratings and comments from millions of users, and even see where any TV show or movie is streaming, play trailers, or stream it right on their phone, PC, or TV.

Considering that the average consumer spends a staggering 23 minutes per day searching for entertainment content, the Likewise plugin helps everyone spend less time searching and more time enjoying their favorite content. It seamlessly merges natural language processing, machine learning, and hundreds of millions of user-generated datapoints to deliver highly personalized recommendations for anyone that enjoys watching TV shows and movies, reading books, or listening to podcasts or audiobooks.

“The Likewise ChatGPT plugin is an entertainment industry first that uses state of the art AI to make it easier than ever to find your next favorite TV show, movie, book, or podcast in a way never before possible,” said Ian Morris, CEO of Likewise. “Our new plugin is a killer app for ChatGPT users and an extension of the Likewise platform that already includes our industry-leading entertainment newsletters, websites, and mobile and connected TV apps.

The Likewise plugin is now available free in the ChatGPT Plus plugin store.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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