LTK Names Deloitte Digital Creative, Strategic and Media Planning Agency of Record and Announces Plans for First-ever Brand Campaign

Powered by Deloitte Digital’s creative and integrative approach, the 2022 LTK brand campaign will set a new trajectory for LTK creators and spotlight the revolution taking shape for Creator Commerce

 LTK, pioneer of the creator economy and the largest global influencer marketing platform, announced Deloitte Digital as its new creative, strategic and media planning agency of record. Together, LTK and Deloitte Digital will be launching a series of campaigns in 2022 showcasing how LTK’s creators are transforming the way people shop.

Since its launch in 2011, LTK has been scaling influencer marketing for the world’s leading brands and creators through its innovative technology platform that includes access to content monetization tools, strategic growth consulting and global brand partnerships for hundreds of thousands of creators and more than 5,000 retailers. More than a decade later, with a $2 billion valuation, LTK’s mission continues to focus on making creators as economically successful as possible.

To harness the tremendous financial opportunity for creators around the world, LTK sought a strategic partner that could help propel its clients to new heights by bringing more shoppers to their doorstep. During the competitive RFP process, Deloitte Digital quickly emerged as the clear choice to lead LTK’s first-ever brand campaign due to its proven understanding of brand as an asset and deep creative bench backed by industry-leading data and technological know-how.

“LTK is championing a creator-led movement that is revolutionizing the global shopping experience,” said Amber Venz Box, president and co-founder of LTK. “As we continue to grow this incredible community and evolve a strong platform for global creators, we knew we needed to join forces with a partner capable of understanding the complexities of our audiences and delivering creative that’s both informed and compelling. We selected Deloitte Digital because its model is unlike anything else we came across in our agency search and we knew that its end-to-end approach was the right fit to demonstrate to the world the critical role creators play in transforming and improving the way people go shopping.”

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As creative, strategic and media planning AOR, Deloitte Digital will apply its model of creativity powered by consulting to help LTK’s creators expand their reach in a hyper-personalized way. By weaving creativity, strategy, data and technology together seamlessly to inform one another at the right moments, Deloitte Digital will develop two campaigns for LTK in 2022 designed to drive new growth for the rapidly expanding brand.

LTK’s primary focus will be spotlighting its creators to build awareness of its world-class offering as the future of online shopping. Deloitte Digital will be able to tap into its experience in the creator economy and deep data insights on LTK’s audience segments and the retail industry to inform targeted and compelling messaging and channel placement while also modeling quantifiable impact on the overall brand through its BrandWorth and Values Compass tools.

“LTK has grown into what it is today by disrupting the status quo, and we were selected to help keep that momentum and subversiveness going,” said Leslie Sims, U.S. chief creative officer of Deloitte Digital. “The 360-degree view of both industry and audience that Deloitte Digital provides is our special sauce — it helps decide where and where not to show up and gives all our work a sharp edge. Creative only gets better when you can feed it with the right information at the right time. We’re so honored to have been chosen to create LTK’s first-ever marketing campaign and introduce a whole new audience to the creators who are the real magic behind this platform.”

The campaign platform and new brand positioning will kickoff in April, with follow-up campaign work set to follow in the key holiday time period.

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