New Analytics to Help Investors Contextualize Social Media Chatter

MKT MediaStats, an AI platform specializing in quantifying economic narratives and Socialgist, a platform that provides access to the world’s most comprehensive social media data and real-time messaging, announce the launch of a new partnership to help contextualize social chatter pertaining to economic and financial market narratives. New suite of analytics analyzes the vast amount of information generated by the retail community on social media to generate insights for various markets helping institutional investors form a more complete understanding of existing and emerging factors that are driving the economy, markets and in turn, investment portfolios.

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“The substantial growth in retail investor trading activity since the dawn of the pandemic and its influence on financial market variables, including asset prices and liquidity, demonstrate the need to include social media derived insights into the institutional investment process,” says Dr. Gideon Ozik, founder and managing partner of MKT MediaStats. “Unlike traditional measures of sentiment derived from textual analysis, retail investor sentiment is better captured through an analysis of emojis,” clarifies Professor Ronnie Sadka of Boston College, also founder of MKT MediaStats.

“We are excited to partner with MKT MediaStats, the first entity in the economic and financial market narrative space to license social media discussion data from the leading social media platforms through Socialgist”, adds Mike Madarasz, VP of Business Development at Socialgist. “Our partnership with MKT MediaStats is positioned to generate high quality insights while maintaining compliance with the strictest user privacy and source terms and conditions standards.

MKT MediaStats is an AI platform that transforms millions of unstructured media and behavioral data points to actionable insights driving better investment and operational decisions, enabling portfolio managers, risk professionals, strategists, political analysts, and financial-product marketers to improve performance. MKT MediaStats LLC was founded by Gideon Ozik, affiliate professor at École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord (EDHEC) Business School and former hedge fund manager at Société Générale; Professor Ronnie Sadka, chair of the Finance Department at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management; Hadar Shezifi, technology entrepreneur; and Professor Ken Froot, of Harvard Business School.

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