Sprout Social Extends Industry Leadership with Powerful AI Innovations and 20 New Product Capabilities

Sprout Social, an industry-leading provider of cloud-based social media management software, announced a series of AI-powered product enhancements alongside 20 new capabilities across its platform to help marketers prioritize what matters most, enhance creativity and drive more business impact with social. Many of these will be featured in Breaking Ground, Sprout’s new quarterly showcase of the company’s latest product innovations.

With heightened expectations for quick and personalized customer connections across social, brands are at capacity and often struggle to prioritize impactful and creative work. Sprout’s latest product innovations will help solve these common challenges by automating key elements of content creation, reporting and social care. Standout AI capabilities include Generate by AI Assist, which makes it easier for brands to improve accessibility by writing highly accurate alt-text for images, and Analyze by AI Assist, which surfaces notable performance and conversation trends for brands.

Sprout’s new AI solutions also classify and prioritize inbound messages, replace manual data analysis and craft suggested responses. This human-centered approach to AI saves businesses valuable time, provides better access to actionable data and allows teams to focus on more strategic and creative thinking.

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“Our customers are faced with more opportunities and more challenges on social media than ever before, and to meet their growing needs, Sprout’s pace of innovation has never been faster,” said Ryan Barretto, President, Sprout Social. “We constantly gather feedback from our 30,000 customers to influence and drive our product roadmap. These new capabilities aim to address some of our customers’ greatest challenges and embed the latest AI advancements directly into their existing workflows. This will allow our customers to seamlessly benefit from AI and make social even more impactful for their businesses.”

In addition to new AI innovations, Sprout will introduce other key product updates including:

  • New access to Snapchat profiles through Tagger, Sprout Social’s influencer marketing platform, which enables brands to explore market trends, identify competitive insights and connect with target audiences in new ways.
  • My Reports, a new custom reporting interface that provides additional types of data, more flexible options for tailored reports and increased granularity to analyze subsets of content.
  • Additional engagement and reporting capabilities with Instagram Threads which will enable marketers to plan, schedule, manage replies and report on their activities.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire

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