Star Social Media App MeetEdgar Acquired by SureSwift Capital

Leaders in bootstrapped SaaS acquisition add to portfolio

MeetEdgar, a popular app used by thousands of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and influencers to automate social media content creation and scheduling has been acquired by SureSwift Capital.

MeetEdgar was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur, Laura Roeder, who made a name for herself in social media marketing with her consultancy LKR Social Media prior to making the switch to software. Roeder’s resume includes features in ForbesEntrepreneur Magazine, and Bloomberg News, appearances at South by Southwest Interactive and BlogHer, and in 2011 she was invited to speak at the White House as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30 years old.

Roeder says it was always her intention to sell the business someday. “I felt as if I had grown MeetEdgar to an amazing point, but after seven years I was more excited about the prospect of focusing fully on my new coaching software business, Paperbell. One of the reasons I wanted to start a SaaS was to create an asset that I could sell at some point down the line, so it wasn’t a difficult decision for me. But you do pour a lot of yourself into a business, so it was important to me that I found a new owner who shared my values, would be able to grow the business, and take care of the customers.”

SureSwift Capital Founder and CEO, Kevin McArdle says, “Laura is exactly the kind of founder that our business was built for. Serial entrepreneurs will always have a next project they want to focus fully on, and SureSwift is able to give them a dream exit so they can go pursue that next thing knowing their customers, team, and product are in great hands.”

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