McAfee Boosts Online Protection Capabilities with Launch of Social Privacy Manager

McAfee, a global leader in online protection, announced the launch of Social Privacy Manager to its McAfee+ product line-up. This powerful protection tool makes it easy for consumers to gain and maintain control of their social media privacy, providing visibility over who can access their personal information and shared content.

With the number of global social media users expected to reach 5.85 billion in 2027, McAfee’s recent research1 shows a concerning trend: while 58% of social media users state they only share content with their friends, family, and followers, nearly half (46%) do not adjust any privacy settings on their social media platforms. The complexity of doing so may contribute to this lack of action, as 55% of respondents say they struggle to locate or even comprehend their social media privacy settings.

Now, with McAfee’s Social Privacy Manager, consumers can use personalized privacy recommendations, based on their preferences, to adjust more than 100 social media privacy settings quickly and easily across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X, Google, and YouTube, with TikTok coming soon. McAfee customers can do so on Android and iOS devices, and on Windows and Mac computers.

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“Sharing personal experiences and memories with friends and family on social media should be fun,” said Roma Majumder, SVP of Product at McAfee. “With Social Privacy Manager, you can better manage your digital footprint and control who has access to content you share on social media. This also means your personal information, such as pics from the last place you vacationed, cannot be easily found and used by cybercriminals who could try to impersonate you.”

“The great thing with Social Privacy Manager is that you don’t have to be expert in the 100 plus privacy settings across social media, because McAfee is. We navigate the complex and ever-changing world of privacy settings for you. All you have to do is select your privacy preference in a couple of clicks and we’ll do the rest. This means you’ll have greater peace of mind to share your latest family snaps, post updates on loved ones, or connect with colleagues, knowing your private information, stays private,” said Majumder.

The addition of Social Privacy Manager to the McAfee+ product line-up follows other recent mobile enhancements, including McAfee Scam Protection for iOS. This proprietary, AI-powered Scam Protection feature now comes with enhanced notification capabilities on iOS, alerting consumers about suspicious messages or URLs without any action required and providing insights into why those messages were flagged. This approach combines online safety education with proactive protection, reflecting McAfee’s commitment to user-friendly solutions that adapt to evolving threats and ensure a safer online experience for all.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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