Intersection’s Partnership with TikTok Redefines Urban Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Intersection, an experience-driven out-of-home media and technology company, has announced a dynamic partnership with TikTok and LinkNYC, New York City’s largest, cutting-edge digital network. Aligning with TikTok’s innovative ‘Out of Phone’ campaign offering, this signifies a monumental shift in digital advertising and brings the vibrancy of TikTok’s content to the physical world through Intersection and LinkNYC.

Through this partnership, Intersection takes TikTok’s Out of Phone initiative to every street corner of NYC. Utilizing the extensive LinkNYC network, this collaboration enables creators to bring their work from the digital realm to a physical, interactive canvas across the city. This initiative represents a transformative approach in advertising strategies, according to Vertical Impression integrating Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns with paid social media, which is proven to achieve over 55% greater effectiveness compared to single channel strategies according to Vertical Impressions. It moves beyond traditional mobile platforms, offering a more immersive real-world experience that blends digital interactivity into everyday city life, thereby elevating the impact and attractiveness of the brand’s advertising content.

With the LinkNYC network’s expansive reach, offering millions of daily impressions, this collaboration transforms New York City’s streets into an engaging display of TikTok content. It opens up a novel avenue for brands and advertisers to connect with audiences, turning the cityscape into an interactive platform for creative expression and audience engagement.

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“Our collaboration with TikTok takes their initiative to every street corner of NYC,” said Esther Raphael, CMO of Intersection. “We are leveraging the full potential of LinkNYC to bring digital content into the rhythm of city life. This partnership is not just about expanding reach; it’s about enriching the urban experience with creativity and engagement. The vast network of LinkNYC stands as a testament to our commitment to innovative advertising solutions that resonate with the public in meaningful ways.”

“Our latest Out of Phone partnership with Intersection represents an exciting opportunity to entertain and delight those on-the-go in NYC,” said Dan Page, Global Head of Distribution, New Screens at TikTok. “This partnership also provides digital advertisers a unique and powerful new advertising channel, combining the power of TikTok’s captivating content with Intersection’s high-visibility locations.”

Intersection’s media network extends across the top U.S. media markets – New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Seattle – in addition to other major metro areas such as Austin, Charlotte, New Jersey, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Portland and more. Intersection’s network reaches millions daily through more than 400,000 digital and static assets nationwide.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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