Meta Announces Enhanced Generative AI Features for Advertisers and Expansion of Meta Verified for Businesses

Meta is excited to announce the launch of enhanced generative AI features tailored for advertisers, alongside the expansion of Meta Verified to provide businesses with a subscription toolkit aimed at building credibility and engagement with customers.

Enhanced Generative AI Features:

Meta is introducing advanced generative AI capabilities designed to empower advertisers in creating compelling ad content. These features include:

  • Image Generation: Advertisers can now generate full image variations inspired by original ad creatives, complete with text overlay capabilities. This feature enables businesses to explore diverse creative options effortlessly.”Meta’s investments in AI for advertisers have resulted in consistent performance for our business and allowed us to focus on more creative and strategic work,” said Wesley Ng, Founder and CEO of Casetify.
  • Text Generation: Advertisers can now generate variations for ad headlines and primary text. The feature is being tested to reflect brand voice and tone, providing tailored suggestions based on previous campaigns and input.
  • Centralization under Advantage+ Creative: All generative AI features are centralized under Advantage+ Creative in Ads Manager, facilitating faster ad creation and better performance.

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These enhanced features are being rolled out gradually and are expected to be available globally by the end of the year.

Expansion of Meta Verified for Businesses:

Meta is expanding its Meta Verified subscription toolkit for businesses, aimed at building credibility and fostering engagement with customers. The expansion includes:

  • Market Expansion: Meta Verified is now available in additional markets, including Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy, with plans to expand to WhatsApp soon.
  • Subscription Plans: Meta Verified now offers four subscription plans tailored to meet a wide range of business needs, providing core tools such as a verified badge, account support, impersonation monitoring, and more.
  • Enhanced Benefits: Subscribers across all plans will have access to new tools for profile enhancements, enhanced customer engagement features, and expanded support options.

Meta Verified is built with robust verification processes to ensure the safety and integrity of subscribers and the community.

Meta’s mission is to bring the world closer together through its family of apps and services. With a focus on innovation and empowerment, Meta provides businesses with tools to connect, engage, and grow their brands effectively.


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