Westwin (formerly Microsoft China) launches New Simplified Social Media Solution for WeChat and Weibo

Westwin are proud to announce the launch of www.Wreach.net, which enables western companies to easily setup on WeChat and Weibo, then reuse their English content (translated, localised and proofread) on China’s biggest social media platforms.

“The idea behind Wreach”says Alain de Maurier, Sales & Marketing Director at Westwin UK, “was to massively simplify setup and regular posting to WeChat and Weibo. We believe firmly that companies that are active in social media, should also be able to be active on China’s social media too. The pre-existing methods for this were too expensive for many companies, so Wreach helps lower the bar for entry here, meaning that all companies, big and small, can post their content confidently, engage with customers and be successful in China.”

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Wreach tackles many of the problems previously associated with China’s social media:

  • Account setup is faster and easier. Wreach also removes the requirement for PII documentation where required.
  • Customers are not required to download WeChat app as accounts can be managed entirely on Wreach.
  • Wreach will automatically scrape customer websites and recommend content to post.
  • Wreach operates as an everyday social media scheduling tool, plus translation, localisation and proofreading.
  • Customer response is quicker using the English language interface.
  • Reporting is easier and more complete using the English language dashboard.
  • Wreach will pay WeChat verification fees during account setup.
  • Pricing starts at £85 per month per platform.

Westwin plans to continue to build out the Wreach platform over time, with a built-in Baidu Paid Search Self-Serve function due to launch this summer.

“Wreach was the next logical step for us“, says Alain de Maurier, “we identified and built the best solution for a problem that could more easily be fixed using AI and tech, then made sure the price-point was accessible to all. We particularly wanted to assist SMEs who may have previously considered China as being out of reach and empower them to grow in China, without the large costs normally associated with this.”

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