ClickHouse introduces ClickPipes: a continuous data ingestion service for ClickHouse Cloud

ClickHouse Inc., developer of the popular open source columnar database for real-time analytics, announced the general availability of ClickPipes, which connects external data sources directly to ClickHouse Cloud. ClickPipes enables the creation of continuous data pipelines with just a few mouse clicks and is integrated with Confluent Cloud, Amazon MSK and Apache Kafka from the start. Further options will be added soon.

“Building reliable data pipelines can be very cumbersome. By providing easy-to-use, continuous data ingestion to ClickHouse Cloud, users can now focus on the core task of extracting insights from the data,” said Aaron Katz, co-founder and CEO of ClickHouse, Inc. “In addition to the existing connections, ClickPipes also the basis of a serverless data feed for ClickHouse Cloud. This allows us to expand the list of existing connections to ensure we serve our customers where they are.”

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Launched in December 2022 as a fully managed cloud service, ClickHouse Cloud is built on open source technology for real-time analytics used in production at companies such as eBay, Uber and Disney. It is a database that is uniquely capable of processing billions of events per second, and as a result has quickly become mainstream in a wide variety of businesses, including observability, streaming, and marketing. The launch of ClickPipes provides a new way for companies – like the 80 percent of the Fortune 100 that use Apache Kafka – to connect streaming data sources to the fastest, most resource-efficient database for apps and real-time analytics.

Key features of ClickPipes include:

  • Simple and intuitive pipeline creation that abstracts the complexity of data ingestion, with a data flow that can select a data source, format and fine-tune the schema, and set up a ClickPipe in under a minute.
  • Fully managed data ingestion via highly available pipelines that continuously transfer data without manual oversight.
  • A scalable infrastructure that provides flexibility to handle increasing data volumes at “ClickHouse speed” so systems can easily handle future demands.

The general availability of ClickPipes follows a year of strong business momentum and platform expansion for ClickHouse Cloud. The company recently announced the launch of the company’s SharedMergeTree spreadsheet engine , which enhances the performance of ClickHouse Cloud. The fully managed cloud offering is also now available on the Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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