IS Decisions: UserLock’s Secure SSO Protects Cloud Access Using On-Premises AD Identities

IS Decision’s UserLock, the go-to access management software for on-premises and hybrid Active Directory (AD) environments, now provides single sign-on (SSO) combined with multi-factor authentication (MFA) using existing on-premise AD identities, enabling secure access to Microsoft 365 and cloud resources.

  • For optimal security and ease, UserLock SSO keeps Windows Server Active Directory as the authoritative user directory and extends it to work with the cloud.
  • To counter the increased vulnerability of corporate passwords, UserLock’s granular MFA combined with SSO provides the protection you need without unnecessarily impeding employees.

Today’s modern hybrid organization relies on Active Directory and the cloud to do business. And with the rise in remote work, IT teams need to streamline secure access to the corporate network and the cloud, for remote and on-site connections.

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“This change in user access requirements brings new security risks that can often lead organizations to adopt complex, costly or disruptive changes.” said François Amigorena, President & CEO at IS Decisions. “With UserLock, organizations can benefit from an easy-to-use, non-disruptive, and cost-effective SSO solution that leverages their existing investment in Active Directory to secure employee access to the corporate network and cloud resources, from wherever they work.”

Installed in minutes on a standard Windows server, UserLock SSO supports SAML 2.0 protocol to enable federated authentication of cloud applications. Each user needs to log in only once with their existing AD credentials (and a second factor, if required), to seamlessly access all cloud resources.

  • Secure on site authentication is retained, even for remote access
  • Accounts, services, roles and group policies continue to be enforced
  • No need to create and manage a new directory for user ID’s
  • No change or provisioning needed for existing access to resources and applications hosted locally

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