Lightbits now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Lightbits is a leader in providing simple, flexible and cost-effective platform solutions for any cloud. The company announced the availability of the Lightbits Cloud Data Platform on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace . This is an online store for applications and services used on Azure. Lightbits customers now benefit from the well-known cloud platform Azure, such as lean deployment and simple management.

Lightbits eliminates the performance and cost limitations that come with native cloud storage. Enterprises can now move their storage-intensive workloads to Azure. By clustering virtual machines connected via TCP to NVMe®, Lightbits creates a high-performance SAN in the cloud. Azure also runs databases, analytics and transactional workloads, along with key enterprise data services. Lightbits is available as a managed application on the Marketplace. Deployment and management are therefore as easy as with native storage.

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In the EU-West, US-West and US-East Azure regions, Lightbits enables its customers to:

  • A faster migration to the cloud. Lighbits can deliver up to 1 million IOPS per disk and consistent latency as low as 190 microseconds. This high performance grows linearly with the Lightbits cluster size.
  • Monitor cloud storage costs. Businesses can save up to 85% on their storage costs. Customers pay based on capacity consumed, not provisioned IOPS or data volume. Capacity utilization is minimized through low provisioning, data reduction, and other efficiency measures.
  • Memory management not required. Lightbits purchases from Azure Marketplace include support services for managing the storage clusters within the Azure subscription. This includes 24/7 monitoring, high availability within SLAs, proactive software upgrades, critical vulnerability discovery, auto-heal notifications, and cluster expansion policies.
  • Flexibly scale services. Lightbits’ decentralized architecture allows the cluster to scale capacity and performance independently. QoS ensures that service to users is not disrupted when loads are added to the Lightbits cluster.
  • Easy deployment and hassle-free volume management. With Lightbits, resources are managed like a SAN in the cloud rather than on a volume-by-volume basis. This doesn’t add too much directly attached storage.
  • Maintain high availability across zones. Data is protected using synchronous replication within or across availability zones (AZs), and autonomous healing capabilities ensure business continuity.

“As enterprises increasingly move to cloud strategies, many are discovering that they have mission-critical workloads that cannot meet SLAs in public clouds or that the cost of doing so is simply too high,” said Kam Eshghi, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Lightbits. “With Lightbits, you get maximum performance on Azure at a lower cost than native cloud storage plus a managed service. Now they can migrate all their loads to the cloud without fear of having to bring them back because of the high costs.”

“Microsoft Azure Marketplace makes it easy for customers around the world to find, purchase and deploy trusted partner solutions, and everything on Azure is certified and optimized,” said Jake Zborowski, general manager, Microsoft Azure Platform at Microsoft Corp. “We are excited to welcome the Lightbits solution to the growing Azure Marketplace environment.”

SOURCE: Businesswire

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