Webjump and Content Thread combine forces to form a leading expert in Adobe Experience Cloud

Webjump, a leading Adobe Experience Cloud solutions provider in Brazil, and Content Thread, a renowned Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solutions and Adobe platforms specialist in the United States, are pleased to announce their merger, resulting in the creation of “Webjump/Content Thread”. This strategic partnership aims to leverage the strengths and expertise of both companies to deliver exceptional Adobe-based solutions across the Adobe Experience Cloud suite to customers in the digital marketing and customer experience domains.

“We are very happy to have two great specialized companies working together to provide a global service solution with Adobe Experience Cloud. Both companies have a large portfolio and deep expertise in their segments,” said Alexis RockenbachCEO of Compass.UOL group.

The merger between Webjump and Content Thread brings together two dynamic organizations with complementary skill sets and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional results. Combining its expertise, resources and deep understanding of the Adobe ecosystem, Webjump / Content Thread aims to establish itself as a powerhouse capable of meeting the evolving needs of customers in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

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The newly formed Webjump/Content Thread will offer a comprehensive range of services across all Adobe Experience Cloud platforms.

Webjump and Content Thread were acquired by Compass.UOL Group in 2021 as part of a strategic growth move to provide cutting-edge technology services with the entire Adobe Ecosystem.

“We are excited to announce this merger between Webjump and Content Thread,” said Ivan BastosCEO of Webjump. “By joining forces, we are confident that we will redefine the standards of excellence in Adobe-powered solutions. Together, we will deliver innovative, data-driven strategies that will enable businesses to succeed digitally.”

Webjump has established itself as a leading Adobe partner, specializing in delivering exceptional solutions using various Adobe platforms, including Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign and more. In addition, Content Thread brings significant expertise in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, design and strategy, and managed services, focusing on creating engaging digital experiences that leverage the full potential of the platform.

Webjump / Content Thread will continue to operate from its current offices, with headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil, and Atlanta, Georgia, in the USA. The merger takes effect on June 1, 2023, and the integration process is ongoing.

SOURCE: Webjump 

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