Canva Revolutionizes Personalization at Scale with Census in the Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud

Census, a leading data activation and reverse ETL platform, announced that Canva delivers personalized campaigns at scale and operationalizes ML propensity models using their Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) with Census in the Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud.

Canva is the world’s most popular design and collaboration platform with over 170 million monthly active users across 200 countries. Canva’s marketing team wanted to increase personalization and experiment faster, but they were limited by long turnaround time on audience creation and manual CSV uploads. They needed a better way to harness their 200 terabytes of first-party customer data stored in Snowflake.

The solution was a Composable CDP, leveraging Census and Snowflake. This approach helps Canva’s marketers unlock a unified Customer 360 in the Marketing Data Cloud, so they no longer need to go to 10 places to understand their users. Canva’s Composable CDP transforms existing data infrastructure into a growth engine for marketing teams.

With the Composable CDP, Canva unlocked these results:

  • 33% higher email open rates
  • $200k saved annually on engineering costs
  • Ability to create new marketing audiences in 5 minutes

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“Snowflake and Census help us integrate data from multiple different sources into one source of truth, so we can activate all our data and unlock it in lots of different ways,” said Matthew Castino, Marketing Measurement Lead at Canva. “Census helps us create complex audiences and segments, and even push machine learning outputs into Braze, or ad platforms like Facebook and Google Ads. It means we’re not locked into the particular limitations of an individual tool, so we can have a great deal of flexibility.”

“We’re excited to feature Census as one of our foundational partners in the Marketing Data Cloud,” said Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer at Snowflake. “The Composable CDP solution empowers modern enterprises to seamlessly integrate and activate all first- and third-party customer data, creating a robust Customer 360 foundation. This collaboration empowers not just ease of use, but also unparalleled security and governance, enabling us to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive remarkable ROI.”

The Snowflake Marketing Data Cloud empowers organizations to simplify complex martech architectures, deliver superior customer experiences, and maximize marketing and advertising ROI. With the Marketing Data Cloud, marketers can unify their data to get a single view of their customers, leverage privacy-preserving collaboration and native AI capabilities, and access a robust catalog of marketing and advertising data applications to execute the full breadth of their marketing lifecycle — from intelligent planning and activation, to granular measurement and optimization — all on a single, highly governed easy-to-use platform.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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