Fullstory Unveils Data Direct – A New Solution that Fuels Enterprise & AI Initiatives with Behavioral Data

Fullstory, a leading behavioral data company, launched Data Direct, a new solution that syncs clean, structured, AI-ready behavioral data to a company’s destination of choice. The solution will allow teams to activate their web and mobile sentiment signals (e.g., digital movements, intentions, interactions, patterns, etc.) to transform how they engage with customers and improve the bottom line. For the first time, high-quality and comprehensive behavioral data is available as a direct, standalone source that can be easily paired with AI, opening up new possibilities for businesses, including better personalization, forecasting, and modeling.

“We’re seeing companies that have viewed themselves as customer-centric realize that they have significant blind spots when it comes to actually understanding their customers,” said Fullstory CEO, Scott Voigt. “What they are missing is only available through comprehensive first-party behavioral data, and Data Direct provides countless ways to take advantage of this rich data source. With Fullstory’s unique approach, digital behavioral data is captured and sent directly to their tech stack, so our customers can now understand their customers like never before.”

High-quality behavioral data is proven to provide the insights and explanation required to bring enterprises closer to their customers. McKinsey & Company estimates that organizations that leverage customer behavioral insights outperform peers by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin. But partial or outdated behavioral data can lead to incomplete customer profiles, ineffective personalization, and slow or inaccurate decision-making.

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Data Direct makes it easier for enterprises to capture quality behavioral data across web and mobile and put it to work wherever they need it in their own data ecosystem. The solution is built on Fullstory’s robust behavioral data platform that surfaces the sentiment buried between clicks, revealing the untold story behind user behaviors. With automatically captured, indexed, and semantically structured first-party data, Fullstory’s behavioral data is extensible anywhere in the enterprise and ready-made for AI.

With better quality, more powerful behavioral data, Data Direct empowers data and product teams to harness Fullstory’s data as a standalone source synced directly to their own data ecosystem. Enterprises no longer lose countless hours on-site instrumentation or waste valuable resources analyzing data origination, updating incomplete or incorrect data, defining data sets across teams, and reformatting data to integrate within existing tech stacks. Teams spend less time analyzing and more time boosting revenue with in-the-moment personalized experiences and accurate predictions based on real-time actions and data.

Key capabilities include:

  • Data Studio: Data Studio enhances Fullstory’s industry-leading autocapture capabilities with new ways to improve costly instrumentation, including the ability to quickly visually inspect and tag events, elements, and pages to ensure the highest-quality semantic signals.
  • Streaming Webhooks: Data teams can push event data based on a configurable combination of user events and define triggers based on single-event sentiment and behaviors.
  • Integrations: Data Direct features pre-built integrations with Google BigQuery, Snowflake, RedShift, and Amazon S3.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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