Hightouch Acquires HeadsUp to Bring AI to the Composable CDP

Hightouch, the leading Data Activation company, announced that it has acquired HeadsUp, the AI conversion engine for product-led growth. Hightouch will integrate the AI and ML-driven complex data models created by HeadsUp to build warehouse-native Customer 360 profiles into its Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP). These new capabilities will empower data and marketing teams to make the most of their existing data and use it to power operations, advertising, and more.

HeadsUp, founded by Earl Lee and Momo Ong, models complex data into Customer 360 profiles and predicts conversions for companies, like Contentful and Dialpad, leveraging AI and machine learning models to identify conversion opportunities and power sales teams. The company’s CEO, Lee, will join Hightouch as part of this acquisition to spearhead AI and ML-driven Customer 360 development in the data warehouse.

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“We’re thrilled to acquire HeadsUp and to welcome Earl Lee to Hightouch,” said Hightouch co-CEO and co-founder Tejas Manohar. “We’ve already built best-in-class Customer 360 features for cloud data warehouses, so we’re excited to push the limits of the warehouse even further with machine learning models.”

Companies such as Cars.com, PetSmart, and Grammarly use the Hightouch Composable Customer Data Platform to activate data from the warehouse to their downstream tools and power marketing, advertising, and operations use cases. As Hightouch helped these companies turn the warehouse into a hub for action, they saw the need for better tooling to model and unify warehouse data.

To address this need, Hightouch raised $38M this summer and launched a Customer 360 Toolkit in the cloud data warehouse. This toolkit solves data readiness, allowing business teams to easily perform identity resolution and complex entity data modeling directly in the warehouse.

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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