Measure Protocol Launches New Consumer Behavioral Data Platform

Measure Protocol, announced the launch of its new consumer behavioral data platform, which provides convenient, direct access to valuable consumer intelligence for brands and agencies. The first of its kind, the platform integrates fully permissioned behavioral, demographic and psychographic data from multiple sources, leveraging Measure’s proprietary ecosystem and award-winning screen detection technology to unlock deep consumer insights.

By tapping into authentic behavioral data, Measure’s Platform offers a 360-degree view of consumers and enables businesses to make well-informed decisions about their products and marketing strategies through actionable consumer intelligence. The first customers are now actively using the platform as they integrate new forms of behavioral data into their businesses.

“For decades, the adoption of consumer-centric behavioral data has been unrealized due to burdensome technology and processes, and yet it continues to be recognized as a pivotal source for understanding consumer engagement,” said Owen Hanks, CEO and co-founder of Measure Protocol.

He continued, “We have developed technology that directly addresses challenges in this space and takes the pulse of the digital consumer. Our clients rely on this data heavily for important decisions, and they have been asking for new ways to access it. Our new Measure Platform answers this call, putting valuable data at their fingertips in a way that wasn’t previously possible.”

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Some of the key features of the new Measure Platform include:

  • New data sources: The platform continues to evolve as new data sources are plugged in. The first phase will include iOS and Android app usage, in-app purchases, TikTok in-app behaviors, TikTok search, Google search, YouTube, mobile web browsing, and Amazon purchases.
  • Complete digital consumer portrait: Collected in a permissioned and consumer-centric manner, the data builds a complete picture from five facets of consumer digital behavior including app usage, web browsing, purchase transitions, media consumption and social activity.
  • Multi-device data: Along with iOS and Android based data, where applicable, data will be available for account level services, irrespective of the screen.
  • Unlocked authentic behaviors: Measure’s technology simplifies fact-based data collection through a consumer data-sharing ecosystem, resulting in the most transparent and responsibly sourced data in the market.
  • Consumer-centric reports: While other services report high-level metrics such as downloads and overall spend, the Measure Platform builds its insights from the consumer through advanced hyper segmentation.
  • Behavioral hyper-segmentation: Segments based on specific behaviors, such as hours on various platforms, YouTube channels, or purchase levels, form the basis of understanding the complete consumer.

SOURCE : PRNewswire


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