New Survey Highlights Key Elements for High-Performing, Customer-Centric Marketing Campaigns

Blueshift’s Benchmark Report shows marketing campaigns that are cross-channel, real-time, and personalized work best

Blueshift, provider of the leading AI-Powered SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP), today released its “Benchmark 2022: Cross-Channel Marketing” report. The analysis took a deeper look at the elements of customer-centric marketing campaigns that increase engagement and drive growth. The study shows that campaign efficacy can be elevated through three key factors — cross-channel, personalized, and real-time delivery.

  • Cross-channel: Triggered cross-channel campaigns have a 93% higher click-through rate than triggered single-channel campaigns.
  • Personalization: Campaigns with 1:1 recommendations yielded a 50% higher open rate than those without.
  • Real-time: Real-time cross-channel campaigns have a 500% higher conversion rate than cross-channel batch sends.

“Customer experience is today’s competitive advantage. Yet consumer expectations have evolved, and marketers need to keep up. They can no longer send the same message to all consumers across one channel, at the same time,” said Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder and CEO of Blueshift. “In order to increase consumer engagement, marketers must meet their expectations for relevant, targeted, timely messages. Our survey provides quantitative data that clearly show cross-channel, personalized, real-time experiences perform best. Even incorporating one of these factors has proven to lift results, but layering all three together delivers the biggest impact.”

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Blueshift analyzed 10 billion messages sent by Blueshift customers between January 1, 2021 and September 30, 2021. This data was analyzed in order to understand the variances in core engagement metrics, including open, click, and conversion rates, between different types of campaigns and messages. This dataset represents multiple industry verticals including retail and ecommerce; media and publishing; eLearning; travel and real estate; personal finance; healthcare and more.

“Activating cross-channel, personalized, real-time experiences may sound complicated, but it’s more simple than you may think,” said Vijay. “When you have the right technology platform to connect all your channels within a single journey builder, this enables you to create, automate, and scale sophisticated campaigns that meet and exceed customer expectations today and as they continue to evolve in the future.”

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