NewsBreak launches Maximize Conversions for Performance Advertisers on its industry-leading AI powered Ad Platform

NewsBreak, the nation’s leading local news and information platform with 50M MAU, launched Maximize Conversions, a new bidding strategy within its industry-leading ad platform. Maximize Conversions is designed to help performance advertisers predictably spend daily budgets while maximizing the number of conversions they drive.

Using Advanced AI, historical performance data, and contextual signals, Maximize Conversions sets dynamic bids designed to intelligently reach as many of NewsBreak’s high-potential users as possible, maximizing the number of conversions an advertiser gets while staying within their daily budget.

Maximize Conversions leverages various placements and formats, including native, display, immersive video, pre-roll and app open, and is able to dynamically allocate budgets and bids across placements to maximize outcomes.

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NewsBreak’s ad platform is powered by a proprietary machine learning engine called Nova, which leverages exclusive first-party user data from in-app and in-newsletter behavior along with unique local data points designed to predict a user’s ad conversion behavior and drive conversions at scale.

NewsBreak has been refining the Nova engine for six years, accumulating and incorporating learnings to drive today’s product offering. The launch of Maximize Conversions comes as NewsBreak Ad Manager celebrates its first anniversary of self-service solutions, becoming a new go-to traffic source for Performance Advertisers.

“Our NewsBreak Ad Manager platform and the Nova engine work so well for performance advertisers because our data-driven model is able to very accurately predict conversion behavior. Since Maximize Conversions is tied to a consistent daily spend goal, it will bring in even more conversion data points, enabling our model to make smarter predictions over time.” –Chenyu Wang, Head of Advertising Product, NewsBreak

“The NewsBreak Ad Manager platform has become highly regarded within the industry, consistently exceeding our performance advertisers’ expectations. Customers have been asking us for new opportunities to expand performance and scale with a bidding option tied to a daily budget, so we built Maximize Conversions with these goals in mind. Maximize Conversions is just one of many tools we’ll be launching as we look to expand our performance suite.” –Scott Kelliher, Head of Revenue, NewsBreak.

SOURCE : PRNewswire

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