DatChat Appoints Gianfranco Lopane as Head of Business Development for Social Network+, Metaverse and NFT Initiatives

DatChat, Inc., a communications and social media company that gives users the ability to communicate, share, and post with privacy and screen capture protection, announced the appointment of Gianfranco Lopane as Head of Business Development. Lopane will oversee the team responsible for revenue growth enablement within DatChat’s Social Network+, Metaverse, NFT and blockchain initiatives.

Mr. Lopane is an accomplished business development executive with over 15 years of experience spearheading Fortune 500 and international companies’ sales and business development programs. Prior to joining DatChat, Lopane was a Director at Generiqo, responsible for developing blockchain consulting strategies and creating targeted marketing campaigns for NFT audiences.

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“We’re pleased to welcome Gianfranco, who is an experienced business development executive with expertise in blockchain technology, NFTs, the Metaverse, brand-building and digital marketing,” said DatChat CEO Darin Myman. “Gianfranco brings to DatChat a demonstrated history in blockchain consulting and NFT marketing campaigns, as well as extensive experience in sales, marketing and advertising. We look forward to benefitting from his leadership at DatChat as we continue our strategic initiatives to increase the adoption of blockchain technology and advance our Social Network+ and Metaverse initiatives.”

Lopane commented, “I’m excited to be joining DatChat, where it’s clear that we have the opportunity to uniquely position ourselves in the rapidly growing Web3 universe. There is a massive opportunity to lead the Company’s strategic growth programs by leveraging the untapped potential of blockchain and NFT technology that are shaping society’s digital experience.”

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