FiComm Partners Announces Winners of Its Second Annual Podcast Awards

In partnership with InvestmentNews, the Awards continue to honor advisors creating meaningful conversations and making a difference through podcasting

FiComm Partners (“FiComm”), a full-service Marketing and PR agency specializing in the independent wealth management space and scalable advisor solutions, announced the winners of its Second Annual Advisor Podcast Awards, hosted in partnership with InvestmentNews.

This year the Awards honor podcast excellence in three categories: Educate & EmpowerWalking the Talk; and Beyond the Numbers.

Submissions for this year’s award were evaluated and judged by a panel of industry experts, who are driving meaningful change in their respective roles and across the industry. They include:

  • Jeff Benjamin, Senior Columnist, InvestmentNews
  • Toussaint Bailey, Chief Executive Officer and Principal, Uplifting Capital
  • Grace Mellis, Chief Financial Officer, Altruist
  • Diana Cabrices, VP of Enterprise Development, Snappy Kraken
  • Tina Powell, CEO, C-Suite Social Media
  • Candice Carlton, EVP Advisor Education, FiComm
  • Hosted by: Megan Carpenter, CEO & Co-Founder, FiComm

“We are seeing a huge acceleration of advisors creating original content and leveraging digital mediums such as podcasting to drive meaningful change for people and their money,” said Megan Carpenter, CEO, FiComm. “Continuing FiComm’s success from the inaugural event last year, the Advisor Podcast Awards is an important opportunity for the industry to recognize the advisors who are paving the path with this human-first digital marketing approach. As we witness the continued shift towards the “new skool” world of financial services, we celebrate how advisors are using podcasting to create authentic connections within their markets while driving tangible business growth.”

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With more than 55 submissions, the winners who were announced during the livestream event on June 14, included:

  • “Educate & Empower”
    • WINNER: Take Back Retirement – The money show for Gen X and baby boomer women looking for retirement advice from two fun financial planners. Hosts Stephanie McCullough and Kevin Gaines, help their audience feel more confident about their choices by cutting through the myths and mysteries surrounding this financial transition. Through conversations and interviews with both subject-matter experts and women who have gone through it, the podcast offers the information and motivation to help women control their financial future.
      • Jake of All Trades, hosted by Jake Rivas
      • Bullet Wealth, hosted by Scott Marek
      • Take Back Retirement, hosted by Stephanie McCullough + Kevin Gaines
  • “Walking the Talk”
    • WINNER: 2050 Trailblazers – A podcast that directly addresses the lack of diversity in the financial planning profession by engaging industry experts and leaders in conversation to encourage cultural awareness, cultural perspective, and ways to make a measurable impact. This podcast, hosted byRianka R. Dorsainvil, is intended to create a space to start these necessary conversations. Nobody here is pretending to have all of the answers, but we do know that by being honest and bold, we can spark a fire of change.
      • Ballentine Broadcast: Conversations on Black Wealth, hosted by Akeiva Ellis
      • NextGen in 10, hosted by Alanah Phillips
      • 2050 TrailBlazers, hosted by Rianka Dorsainvil
  • “Beyond the Numbers”
    • WINNER: Common Cents on the Prairie – podcast hosted by Adam Cox, Chief Wealth Management Officer with First National Bank in Sioux Falls, and designed with one goal– to help its audience do more with their money, regardless of their financial situation. Whether it’s a young professional just getting started or a long-time business owner looking to retire, the podcast discussions help simplify the sometimes complex topic of money.
      • Mitlin Money Mindset, hosted by Lawrence Sprung
      • The Wealth Edit, hosted by Emily Fleming + Lauren Pearson
      • Common Cents on the Prairie, hosted by Adam Cox

“If there were any doubt about the power and impact of podcasting in our industry- these finalists surely cleared that up,” said Candice Carlton, EVP of Advisor Education, FiComm.  “We were so inspired at how these podcasters are leveraging their podcasts to drive brand recognition and influence, more accessible client communications, higher close ratios from prospects and accelerated revenue growth. Plus, we received a clear demonstration to our industry on how to rock social media with their podcasts including leveraging YouTube and TikTok.  We’re moved and eager to see what our winners will do next.”

The winners will receive recognition across the FiComm and InvestmentNews websites and social channels, an invitation to be a guest on The New Skool Podcast, and three consulting sessions with FiComm Head of Education to support them in taking  their podcasts to the next level.

Concepted as part of FiComm’s Advisor Education offering, the Podcast Awards highlight meaningful conversations that advisors across the country are having to drive change.

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