Marketing & Advertising Service Sees Significant Up-Tick in Public Sector RFP Issuance

Increase Signals Positive Sign for Economy in General

Roger Chiocchi, CEO and Founder of RFPalooza, announced that the company — a leading source of RFPs and RFQs for the Advertising and Marketing industries — has seen a significant increase in the issuance of RFPs by Public Sector organizations.

“We take it as a good sign for the economy in general,” Chiocchi said. “Usually marketing and advertising are the first things cut during a downturn and the last thing to come back. The weekly count of RFPs on our site has increased between 20 and 40 percent since mid-to-late last year.”

Chiocchi noted that public sector marketing & advertising initiatives have been playing a bigger and bigger role in the marketing landscape in the last several years. “Some in our industry underestimate public sector RFPs as a source of business development,” said Chiocchi, “but over the longer term there have been major increases in the education, healthcare, travel & tourism and state lottery sectors. The higher education market, in particular, is currently blazing hot as traditional and online institutions battle for students.”

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He also stated that even during most restrictive days of the COVID pandemic, state and local governments and public health institutions issued RFPs soliciting advertising and marketing agencies to produce COVID education programs, social distancing initiatives and, subsequently, vaccination campaigns.

“While there are still many unknown factors affecting the economy,” he said, “we are looking forward to a brisk year for the advertising and marketing industries, particularly given last week’s employment figures. We see the public sector being a dynamic source of that growth.”

RFPalooza is the only online service dedicated solely to providing listings of RFPs and RFQs targeted to the marketing communications industry, including marketing, advertising, media, branding, public relations, video production and market research. Since its inception in 2012, RFPalooza has provided access to tens of thousands of RFPs to thousands of marketing communications agencies.

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