AI-Powered Sirion CLM Platform Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Sirion, the global leader in AI-powered contract lifecycle management CLM, announced its AI-powered CLM platform is now available on AWS Marketplace. Existing Amazon Web Services customers can now leverage the power of Sirion’s AI-led CLM with the flexibility and scalability of AWS infrastructure—seamlessly, fast and friction-free.

Driven by deep, best-in-class AI capabilities, Sirion CLM enables enterprises to manage the complete contracting lifecycle on a single, extensible, easy-to-use platform. With Sirion CLM now available for purchase on AWS Marketplace, AWS customers can quickly access and deploy Sirion’s AI-powered technology, enjoying rapid time-to-value while digitally transforming their entire contract portfolio.

“Sirion offers innovative solutions across pre- and post-signature contracting stages to over 200 of the world’s most successful organizations,” said Vipul Sahni, Associate Vice President of Alliances for Sirion. “Our powerful AI engine, robust capabilities and seamless integrations with typical enterprise tech stacks empower AWS customers to harness the full potential of their AWS environment to drive sustainable growth.”

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Sirion’s AI-Powered CLM platform is revolutionizing contract management with its deep AI capabilities built on a foundation that combines machine learning ML and natural language processing NLP. It offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end features, from contract negotiation and authoring to compliance tracking and performance monitoring.

Bringing together category-leading innovation, unrivaled Contract Lifecycle Management expertise, and a deep commitment to customer success, Sirion helps the world’s leading businesses contract smarter.

SOURCE : BusinessWire

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