CKEditor Becomes Acquia Partner and Lists CKEditor 5’s Premium Features Into Acquia Exchange

CKEditor, a leading provider of collaborative rich text editing solutions and Tiugo Technologies brand, launched the CKEditor 5 Premium integration in Acquia Exchange, simultaneously obtaining official status as an Acquia partner. The partnership aims to improve content creation by jointly developing educational resources to inform shared customers, while driving innovation through continuous improvement based on customer feedback and industry trends.

“This partnership underscores our mission to continually improve the user experience and streamline the content creation process,” said Wiktor Walc, chief technology officer of Tiugo Technologies. “By joining forces with Acquia, we are poised to deliver transformative tools and solutions that empower users to achieve new levels of efficiency and innovation.”

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CKEditor’s long-standing partnership with Drupal, an open-source CMS platform, has deep roots dating back to 2009 when CKEditor 4 was first introduced as a contributed plugin. Over the years, CKEditor’s integration with Drupal has evolved, culminating in CKEditor 5 becoming a core module in Drupal 10. This rich history of collaboration and integration within the Drupal ecosystem formed the foundation for the strategic partnership with Acquia, the leading hosting platform for Drupal.

The integration of CKEditor 5 Premium into Acquia Exchange officially went live on Friday, March 29.

“The addition of CKEditor 5’s premium features into our partner ecosystem should excite all Acquia customers,” said Mike Madison, Director of Product Management at Acquia. “The collaborative editing, commenting, and AI integrations transform the Drupal content creation process into a nearly word processor–like experience. I’m really looking forward to seeing what our customers do with the technology!”

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