Meet the Google TV Network: Expanding Opportunities for Advertisers in Connected TV

As connected TV (CTV) continues to gain traction among consumers, Google is unveiling the Google TV network, a new platform aimed at enhancing advertisers’ reach on the big screen. With YouTube already reaching over 150 million monthly viewers in the living room1, the launch of the Google TV network extends this capability to more viewers across Google TV and other Android TV OS devices, totaling over 20 million monthly active users2.

Google TV powers a wide range of TVs and streaming devices from leading brands like Sony, Hisense, TCL, and Chromecast. This platform offers seamless access to a diverse library of content spanning 10,000 apps, including movies, shows, and live TV, complemented by features such as Google Assistant, smart home control, and personalized entertainment recommendations3.

The Google TV network introduces in-stream video advertising opportunities across 125 channels integrated into Google TV. These channels feature a variety of content, including live sports, full-length TV shows, and movies, catering to the growing trend of 60% of U.S. households engaging with free, ad-supported streaming services and channels4. Viewers of Google TV’s free channels spend an average of over 75 minutes per day consuming content5, presenting advertisers with a captive audience.

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Currently, the Google TV network supports staple CTV ad formats, including non-skippable ads and 6-second bumpers. Future plans include expanding ad format options to further enhance engagement and effectiveness for advertisers.

Advertisers can access the Google TV network directly through Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360, enabling seamless planning, purchasing, and measurement of campaigns across digital video and CTV platforms. By selecting the Google TV network alongside YouTube, advertisers can maximize their reach on the largest screen in the home environment.

“We’re excited to introduce the Google TV network, empowering advertisers to connect with audiences on an expansive platform that integrates seamlessly into viewers’ daily entertainment experiences,” said [Spokesperson’s Name], [Job Title] at Google. “With robust targeting capabilities and a growing base of engaged users, we’re committed to delivering effective advertising solutions that drive results.”

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SOURCE: Google 

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