Intuit Mailchimp Previews AI-Powered Revenue Intelligence System, Launches SMS Marketing Tools in the UK

Intuit Inc, the global financial technology platform that makes Intuit TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp, previewed its new revenue intelligence (RI) technology, a system of always-on predictive and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) models designed to proactively give marketers opportunities to win more revenue.

Building on the launch of Intuit Assist last year, Mailchimp’s revenue intelligence will soon deploy Intuit’s powerful and relevant data through cutting-edge AI technology to benchmark customers’ marketing against billions of industry-specific financial inputs from Intuit QuickBooks and marketing performance data points, recommend the right time to target customers, and generate more personalized and revenue-driving content. This technology was unveiled today at Mailchimp’s annual From: Here, To: There London customer event. Additionally, Mailchimp is announcing the continued expansion of SMS features in the UK, after the initial US launch last June*.

“Predicting what will spur different customers to explore, to spend, and stay loyal remains one of the most complicated challenges for marketers—and simultaneously one of their biggest growth opportunities,” said Rania Succar, SVP and General Manager of Mailchimp. “By building on our AI-driven innovations within Intuit’s data-rich platform, our customers can make smarter, more integrated business decisions that simultaneously grow their customer base and put more money in their pockets.”

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For years, Intuit has been at the forefront of AI, including releasing Intuit Assist for Mailchimp in 2023—designed to help marketers and business owners save time, send more effective marketing campaigns, and make smarter marketing decisions. Mailchimp’s new RI system will integrate seamlessly with marketers’ daily workflow, turning over 60 petabytes of user interactions across the Intuit ecosystem into tools that can create personalized action plans that increase marketing effectiveness without creating additional learning curves for marketers.

Introducing Revenue Intelligence

With revenue intelligence capabilities in Mailchimp, marketers will be able to maximize their ROI by:

  • Leveraging Financial Data from QuickBooks: Mailchimp customers will soon be able to tap into AI that’s trained on financial metrics from QuickBooks and third-party commerce integrations, in addition to performance data from Mailchimp, to proactively point out where they’re missing opportunities—whether that’s benchmarking their marketing against businesses within similar industries, getting ahead with planning for key seasonal campaigns, or recommending the optimal discounts to drive conversion and profitability.
  • Experiencing AI Natively in the Platform: Using AI should be frictionless and integrated into marketers’ day-to-day workflow. By seamlessly weaving RI into the app experience, Mailchimp customers will be able to direct their focus elsewhere, while revenue intelligence analyzes data and provides ways for businesses to create more automated, personalized marketing without having to leave the platform or learn a new technology.
  • Predicting Revenue Based on Segmentation: RI will recommend segments of onboarded and existing customers for marketers to target by predicting their conversion rates and potential revenue opportunity, anticipating when they’re ready to buy, and then generating branded email and SMS content to target those customers.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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