AI-Powered Automation Startup for Social Media, Munch, Raises $7.2M in Seed Funding Led By A* Capital

Munch, a leading AI-powered automation platform for social media, announced their $7.2 million seed funding round. The round was led by A* Capital, supported by Liquid2 and Pre-Seed investors Cardumen Capital and Remagine Ventures. The investment will be focused toward company growth, increasing its reach into new global markets and expanding its offering to enterprises. Additionally, the funds will be allocated to further develop Munch’s solution helping content professionals seamlessly create and elevate short-form videos from existing long-form content increasing ROI.

The heightened social media demand has left content professionals with a labor-intensive, costly, and creatively draining process of manually producing content, making it difficult to find a place and engage in popular conversations. Munch reduces this burden by leveraging AI to streamline this resource intensive process with a platform that extracts engaging bite-sized clips from long-form videos that are primed for social media sharing in a matter of minutes.  Recent reports found that 90% of marketers using short-form content intend to increase or maintain their investment as using short-form content has the highest ROI of any media format.

Munch’s AI driven platform turns long-form marketing content into engaging and impactful clips for social media usage. It includes automatic editing, instant and precise subtitle generation, pre-scripted social media posts formulated through advanced AI technology and caters to a multilingual audience supporting over 20 different languages. Content is clipped and adjusted to always have the action at the center of the frame no matter what social media platform it will be shared on. This approach ensures a global reach for businesses looking to amplify the impact of social media strategy.

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“Businesses and brands who successfully employ social media content strategies are seeing higher returns on their investments and improving their bottom lines,” said Oren Kandel, CEO and Co-founder of Munch. “With Munch, any business, small or large, with quality content can now reach more potential customers – a revolutionary approach when it comes to social media usage for marketing teams around the world. We are grateful for our investors’ trust and are eager to use the recent funds to expand our team and market presence, further entrenching Munch’s position as a leading AI platform for social media.”

The company’s clip generation engine analyzes video content against the latest social media trends and marketing insights to maximize its viewership. With Munch, single purpose videos, such as podcasts, webinars, and livestreams, can be transformed into a series of engaging clips with the potential to go viral. Not only does this novel approach to content production and distribution increase business ROI, but it minimizes the time-consuming process spent on tedious editing tasks and allows brands to focus on creative ideation and strategic planning while remaining relevant on social media with consistent, effortless, data-driven content.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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