TargetVideo Simplifies Video Content Categorization with AI Integration

TargetVideo, a leading video technology and advertising company, announces its newest AI technology integration, this time to streamline content categorization for digital video publishers. By using AI, TargetVideo now empowers its clients to automatically classify their video content into standardized categories defined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

This innovative implementation brings a significant advancement to video management processes, as it enables large publishing networks to automate the categorization process. By eliminating the need for manual categorization, publishers can now allocate their time and resources more efficiently toward content creation and monetization strategies. With AI-driven categorization, publishers can ensure that their content aligns seamlessly with IAB standards, enhancing its discoverability and appeal to advertisers. This is especially important in today’s landscape when the looming deprecation of third-party cookies makes proper video categorization more important than ever.

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“By integrating AI technology into our platform and player solutions, we are significantly streamlining the way digital video publishers manage their content,” says Uroš Jojić, co-CEO of TargetVideo. “This enhancement not only simplifies operations but also ensures that publishers maintain adherence to industry standards, ultimately driving greater monetization opportunities.”

TargetVideo is a video technology and advertising company headquartered in Munich, Germany, with additional offices in Belgrade, Serbia, and Los AngelesUSA. As a trusted partner to digital publishers worldwide, TargetVideo offers comprehensive video engagement and monetization solutions through its plug-and-play managed video player and versatile video platform. Additionally, TargetVideo provides brands with extensive, brand-safe video advertising services, enabling global reach and impact.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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