Breaking down barriers: Coda simplifies D2C ecommerce for publishers with launch of Custom Commerce

Coda Payments has announced the launch of Custom Commerce, a direct-to-customer (D2C) web store solution that empowers publishers to connect, sell, and scale like never before.

Recent research indicates that a leading publisher currently earning 10% of its revenue from its webstore could see this figure triple by 2024[1]. A driving force behind this projected growth is the control over data that owned web stores provide. By owning and managing their customer data directly, publishers gain access to important insights about their audience’s behaviors, preferences, and buying patterns. This facilitates more informed decision-making, enabling publishers to better tailor their offerings, refine marketing strategies, and anticipate market trends.

Coda recognises this potential and offers publishers a straightforward solution that is 100% customizable. With Custom Commerce, publishers can tap into this significant growth opportunity while retaining the distinct look, feel, and design of their brand. Publishers maintain total control and data ownership. This means full control of the checkout process and ownership of invaluable customer data, safeguarding the publisher’s interests while ensuring a seamless shopping experience for the end customer.

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Coda’s Custom Commerce is not just about creating a personalized webshop that’s both safe and easy to use. It offers publishers a simple and effective way to engage and impress their customers through live ops events and promotions tailored to local audiences. It’s a step above the usual solutions, ensuring publishers stand out and succeed in each market they operate in.

Mike Feldkamp, Chief Technology Officer at Coda commented:

“We’ve been successfully operating Codashop for almost a decade and have grown it into a marketplace trusted by over 10 million gamers worldwide. Today, we’re thrilled to be able to channel that expertise into Custom Commerce, simplifying direct customer engagement for publishers. It’s more than just a web store; it’s a path to community building and driving long term value through D2C success. We’re offering unmatched customization, control, security, and support. We’re excited to see Custom Commerce reshape out-of-app monetization and deepen our publishers’ customer relationships as they boost their revenue”

With Custom Commerce, operational flexibility is more than just a buzzword. It’s the key to simplifying global growth for publishers, enabling them to expand into new markets and scale their digital merchandising functions over time. Coda stands with publishers every step of the way, providing outstanding support to ensure the success of their D2C efforts.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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