Conductor Launches Single Sign-On Integration with Technical SEO Acquisition ContentKing

Conductor, the leading enterprise organic marketing technology company, announced the release of their Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with ContentKing. Acquired earlier this year, ContentKing is the only platform that offers real-time auditing, monitoring, and alerting which enables marketers to build a strong technical SEO foundation for their digital strategy.

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Previously, Conductor had shared their vision to develop the most comprehensive enterprise SEO technology that spans both content and technical SEO capabilities, helping customers achieve greater organic marketing results in one place. Key investment areas for the future focus on democratizing SEO within enterprise teams, building a next-generation data platform to deliver holistic insights, and demonstrating the ROI of SEO by connecting actions to results.

“We believe in a world where organic marketing is a top priority for all organizations, because delivering customer-first content is both the best way to solve people’s problems and the best way for companies to grow revenue from digital channels,” said Conductor CEO and Co-Founder, Seth Besmertnik“With ContentKing, we take one big leap closer to realizing our vision.”

Over the past few months, the Conductor and ContentKing teams have made tremendous progress in bringing together their people, technology, and operations. The release of an SSO integration represents a significant milestone in establishing enhanced, contextual cross-navigation between the two platforms. Customers now have seamless access to the best of both products from one account. As work towards full integration continues, more robust functionality and new offerings will be rolled out, with the goal of re-imagining how SEO, content, and web teams collaborate and find valuable SEO insights within one connected experience.

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