has started the WEB3 Marketing Revolution

ShockWaves… in the world of natural phenomena, they are fast, powerful and supersonic forces that propagate in any direction and pass through any obstacle.

Likewise, is the earth shaking new approach to WEB3 marketing; an equally efficient, powerful and effective solution to the growing dilemma of stagnant and obsolete models for marketing. Living up to its original meaning, ShockWaves is prepared to overcome challenges that aren’t even circulating in the WEB3 landscape yet.

Created by Moon Society, the WEB3 Agency and DAO 3.0 that has a 100+ million user reach through its organization, it has already been a success since launching as the dedicated team behind it applies over 11 years of expertise in digital strategy and active involvement in DeFi, NFT, Play to Earn, Fit to Earn and GameFi projects.

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“As WEB3 has become the go-to strategy for sellout, the time for hope and artificial hype is over. Creative marketing has become the most competitive area in the decentralised horizon. The only accepted metric is the outcome. “

WEB3 marketing is still uncharted waters for the majority that find themselves swimming in the turbulent sea of marketing…but one thing that is clear is that to stay afloat it must rely heavily on big data. The marketing analytics market is estimated at $5.3 billion by 2026, so it’s no mere assumption that the SW approach is imperatively required by projects.

‘WEB3 marketing backed by data’ puts the ShockWaves marketing approach ahead of a game that hasn’t even officially started.

Tracking and reporting every marketing action from KOLs to email marketing & display/video campaigns helped ShockWaves to increase conversions by 400% in the last month alone.

By planning ahead for new technologies and platforms, it is uniquely equipped to aid projects in utilizing NFTs as advertising tools and the Metaverse as an advertising platform (to name a few of its innovative ideas). Setting the bar sky high for marketing, optimizes strategies with data, conversions and ROI whilst keeping in touch with fundamental marketing elements.

Since launching, has already fulfilled its mission by providing 13 new projects with their best chance at success –  offering them specific, customized marketing waves that incorporate the best performing tactics. It is a breath of fresh air that relies solely on data (not hope), a much awaited alternative to the usual outdated strategies.

ShockWaves has developed the WEB3 marketing solution that applies unconventional advancements and exploits the benefits of big data technology. Its approach is certified by Moon Society’s use of trackers, its extensive portfolio, and the thousands of successful campaigns and satisfied clients.

“Our main goal is to elevate the crypto marketing standard by combining WEB2 with WEB3 tools in order to get the best outcome and to start creating the real WEB3 foundation”.

SOURCE: PR Newswire

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