Siteimprove Unveils AI Generate, a New AI-Powered Content Optimizer for Marketers Everywhere

Siteimprove, the leading platform empowering brands to stand out with accessible, high-performing digital content experiences, announced the release of AI Generate™, a website content optimizer integrated into the SEO workflow that delivers AI-powered solutions. AI Generate aims to make generative AI work for marketers by leveraging high-impact, AI-driven optimization to make content shine on search engines, empowering marketing teams to become more efficient and deliver results faster than ever before.

According to Gartner® Inc., “75% of CMOs reported that their marketing organization is facing increasing pressure to cut their martech spend to deliver better ROI”1 “. Because of this, marketing teams are having to extend their breadth but are doing so with fewer resources when the pace of content creation and optimization has increased significantly.

AI Generate allows marketers to leverage the speed and flexibility of AI tools to create on-brand content experiences with a fraction of the time and resources, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: delivering discoverable and engaging content that converts.

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With AI Generate, marketers can:

  • Elevate content without complexities
    • AI Generate fixes the issues that cause content experiences to underperform by generating multiple SEO content suggestions that enhance content within seconds.
  • Get instant tips to amplify search visibility
    • AI Generate analyzes created content and provides simple, actionable improvements that can boost SEO performance. By automatically integrating high-impact keywords, AI Generate ensures marketing teams are staying on track with relevant, helpful content.
  • Master your brand’s tone of voice instantly
    • AI Generate automatically checks web content for tone, engagement readability, and more. By assessing content guidelines based on writing goals like readability level, word count, and writing stye, marketers can build a consistent brand voice and quickly apply it across all content experiences.

“I’m looking forward to implementing AI Generate across our site,” said Marissa Gentling, Digital Content Manager at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science. “The pages we’ve set Activity Plan’s for serve as a gateway to bring students in so it’s especially key that these pages are fully optimized. This tool will help us get there more quickly and improve overall satisfaction in our work across the team and the client partners we work with.”

“Over the past year, the world has had a front row seat into the acceleration of Generative AI and how it has changed the way marketers create content. However, more content doesn’t mean better content and AI alone is not the only solution,” said Shane Paladin, CEO of Siteimprove. “At Siteimprove, we believe digital marketers need to find a balance of using AI to enhance their work but not replace it, and today’s release of AI Generate is our way of helping marketers find that balance to deliver content experiences that delight customers and provide the scale needed for marketers to produce at pace.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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