Welocalize Launches New Brand, Welo Data, to Meet the Growing Demand for High-Quality Training Data in AI Development

Welocalize, a leader in innovative translation and content solutions,  announced the formation of Welo Data, a new brand that formalizes and elevates its solutions that cater to technology companies who seek to supercharge their AI models with high-quality, ethically sourced data.

“By forming Welo Data, we are supporting growing market demand for high-quality data and actively shaping the future of AI innovation,” noted Siobhan Hanna, SVP and General Manager of Welo Data at Welocalize. “Our commitment is to provide datasets that are high-quality, ethically sourced and accelerate AI model development, but are also meticulously curated to meet specific and emergent AI developers’ needs globally.”

Welo Data dramatically improves AI training data quality through its technical capabilities that ensure datasets are relevant, diverse, and scalable. The division leverages over 25 years of experience in partnering with the world’s most innovative companies and brings together a curated global community of over 500,000 AI training and domain experts, to offer innovative services that span:

  • Annotation and Labeling: Transcription, summarization, image and video classification and labeling
  • Enhancing LLMs: Prompt engineering, SFT, RLHF, red teaming and adversarial model training, model output ranking
  • Data Collection and Generation: From institutional languages to remote field audio collection
  • Relevance and Intent: Culturally nuanced and aware, ranking, relevance, and evaluation to train models for search, ads, and LLM output.

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“Our expert teams are dedicated to designing scalable, high quality, technology-enabled data that propels AI models to new heights,” adds Sarha Mavrakis, VP of Global Commercial for Welo Data. “With Welo Data, clients gain access to customizable and culturally relevant model training crafted by subject matter experts, ensuring AI systems are powerful, accurate, and inclusive.”

For the past decade, Welocalize has been uniquely positioned to address critical challenges in AI development, such as reducing model bias and enhancing inclusivity, by focusing on diversity and equity in data sourcing. This strategic launch underscores Welocalize’s commitment to innovation and supporting its global customers with robust, reliable data solutions.

Welocalize, a leader in innovative translation and global content solutions, is ranked as one of the world’s largest language service providers. Specializing in optimizing customer engagement through localized content, the company has helped some of the world’s largest organizations achieve superior business outcomes with multilingual, global content. Central to its approach is OPAL, an AI-enabled platform integrating machine translation, large language models, and natural language processing to automate and enhance translations across over 250 languages.

SOURCE: Businesswire

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