XFL Unveils New Brand Identity and Vision: Tomorrow’s League Starts Today

Bold, modern design captures new brand vision – harnessing the power at the intersection of sports and storytelling

R/GA, a renowned brand innovator, selected as the Agency of Record, helping build the league’s visual identity

Watch the ownership’s vision behind the brand come to life: 
A New Identity for the XFL’s New Direction

The XFL unveiled an innovative brand identity that aligns with its new vision, values and purpose ahead of its 2023 season. This enhanced visual identity represents a new era for the forward-thinking league, signaling one of inclusivity, innovation and co-creation as it works to build tomorrow’s league together with partners, fans and players.  Fans can watch the brand reveal here: A New Identity for the XFL’s New Direction

“We are proud to unveil the new identity of the XFL – a strong, dynamic and modern look that embodies our vision of pushing football forward and unleashing the dreams that football makes possible,” said Dany Garcia, Co-Owner and Chairwoman of the XFL. “This is a significant milestone for us, and one that encapsulates the teamwork that has gone into building this league from the ground up with our experienced leadership team, led by Russ Brandon. As we continue to march towards our 2023 kickoff, we will invite our fans, partners and athletes to co-create with us.  We are putting in the work today to define football’s future; Together, we are building tomorrow’s league.”

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“For us, this is more than just a new pro football logo; this is a new era of the XFL. You can already begin to feel the energy and mana building behind our brand, and it has been amazing to feel the incredible support from fans, players, coaches and media, that we continue to be blessed with. We have a passion and vision to push the boundaries of sport and entertainment, to grow the game of football – and most importantly – unlock the dreams of all the talented and hungry football players out there,” said Dwayne Johnson. “I’m pumped to reveal our new XFL logo to the world as we continue to strategically build our XFL organization and shape our one-of-a-kind XFL culture. Here’s the bottom line of what our new XFL logo stands for: The X represents the INTERSECTION OF DREAMS & OPPORTUNITY. So, to our hungry XFL players, coaches and fans – you bring the dreams, and we’ll bring the opportunity.”

Gerry Cardinale added, “Since acquiring the League in 2020 with Dany and Dwayne, we have envisioned the XFL as a platform of opportunity that converges the worlds of sports and entertainment. We are building the XFL so that we can bring new possibilities to the future of football – this will give our players new opportunities for turning pro, our partners new platforms to expand and enhance their brands, and our fans opportunities to engage with the sport of football and our players in new and innovative ways.”

R/GA, a global brand design and marketing company, has been awarded Agency of Record. R/GA started working with the XFL in 2021 to support the league’s marketing efforts including brand identity, design innovation and campaign activation.

Brand Pillars

The XFL has established four core brand pillars to guide the league in its mission to building tomorrow’s league:

  • Co-Creation: Build a league of culture: a place where players, fans, partners, employees and communities interact with each other to build a dynamic future of football.
  • Inclusivity: Embrace being at intersection of opportunities, connecting players to fans and changing the way everyone experiences and engages with the game
  • Accessibility: Create a new standard for accessibility by experimenting with different forms of interactivity to connect the fans and players in a way unlike ever done before, creating a deeply immersed and personal fanbase.
  • Innovation: Leverage innovation to unlock new opportunities to win together

New Logo and Visual Identity

The new visual identity centers around the idea that the XFL is the intersection of opportunity and captures the essence of the league’s vision: the XFL is pushing football forward. To do that, the brand needs to be modern, dynamic and inviting.

The “X” represents those intersections, the point at which everything comes together: sports and storytelling, players and fans, partners and a passion for innovation. We elevate it to unlock the opportunities that will push football forward, so that together, we can build tomorrow’s league.

As a platform for co-creation, the XFL’s new identity seeks to elevate the stories and communities that enhance the game. Built as a platform, the league’s black-and-white color palette ensures the individual personalities of the teams are able to seamlessly coexist and stand alongside the league as partners versus separate organizations.

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