Amdocs Leverages Alchemer for its Global Voice of the Customer Program

Alchemer’s highly flexible enterprise feedback platform helps Amdocs drive actionable insights from all customers in over 50 countries and across multiple communications channels

Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) – a global leader in Customer Experience (CX) and Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) technology – announced that Amdocs, leading global software and services provider to communications and media organizations, uses Alchemer to deliver its best-in-class Voice of the Customer program.

“At Alchemer we believe that customer experience is the critical component of an effective business”

Amdocs ensures that customer feedback is collected and analyzed from all stakeholders throughout each of their customers, using the flexible, customizable Alchemer Enterprise Feedback Platform. Survey data collected via email is supplemented with 1 on 1 interviews, for a perspective encompassing both qualitative and quantitative data. In 2021, Amdocs collected feedback from 1,669 respondents, which resulted in over 60 account improvement plans to truly take action on the feedback.

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“We are very proud of the way Amdocs listens and acts on customer feedback,” said Tzachi Ben-Sasson, Head of Global Voice of the Customer at Amdocs. “We like to say that we put our money where our customers’ mouths are. The actionable insight we regularly gain from our customers drives our business decisions, assuring we listen, act, and adapt to our customers’ needs.”

“At Alchemer we believe that customer experience is the critical component of an effective business,” said Ryan Tamminga, SVP of Product and Services and Alchemer. “It is great to see our customers, like Amdocs, using the Alchemer platform as the foundation for such an innovative Voice of the Customer solution, truly creating a culture where action is continuously taken based on feedback and insights.”

Alchemer is hosting a webinar where Tzachi and Ryan will be discussing “How Amdocs Uses its Global B2B VoC Program to Drive Improvement.”

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