BigCommerce and Bolt Deepen Partnership to Embed Bolt’s One-Click Checkout and Shopper Network

Now BigCommerce merchants of all sizes can access Bolt One-Click Checkout to provide frictionless one-click transactions to create hassle-free shopping experiences, reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates

BigCommerce, a leading Open SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, announced, in strategic partnership with Bolt, a leading checkout and shopper network company, to now offer a brand new way for small-, medium-, and enterprise-sized BigCommerce merchants to set up Bolt One-Click Checkout in a self-serve manner within minutes. Bolt can easily be pre-built into merchants’ BigCommerce stores allowing them to deliver secure, one-click transactions to create fast and seamless shopping experiences that move customers beyond the “buy” button, driving engagement and increasing conversion rates by up to 53 percent.

“BigCommerce helped us understand things like how to manage our workflows to vendors that would be good to partner with, like Bolt. Bolt’s entire framework for online checkout has revolutionized how we convert customers”

With Bolt, merchants have access to the tens of millions of checkout-ready shoppers in the Bolt network allowing them to securely shop with a single identity across a merchant’s site, removing log-in or password requirements and establishing an instant connection to inspire brand loyalty and repeat business. Bolt’s agnostic architecture gives merchants the flexibility to connect to existing payment solutions already in place, meeting merchants where they are—saving time and giving merchants their focus back to running the business.

“BigCommerce helped us understand things like how to manage our workflows to vendors that would be good to partner with, like Bolt. Bolt’s entire framework for online checkout has revolutionized how we convert customers,” said Justin Dermit, director of ecommerce and marketing at TYLER’S. “Bolt eliminates the worry of fraud and chargebacks, streamlines the checkout process and is building a network that is synonymous with secure and reliable. When our customers see the blue bolt, they know they can trust us as a retailer. BigCommerce and Bolt have been absolutely phenomenal for TYLER’S. Together the two solutions are helping us get our conversion rate up, while keeping fraud rate down.”

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Merchants can effortlessly turn on Bolt via the BigCommerce Control Panel in a matter of minutes, with no code or lengthy implementation necessary. Key benefits for merchants include:

  • Increase conversion rates. Bolt enables one-click registration for first time shoppers in a merchant’s existing guest checkout flow, automatically identifying known shoppers. From day one, every network shopper gets a Bolt one-click checkout experience without leaving a merchant’s site, leading to an increase in conversion rates and customer lifetime value.
  • Further customer reach. Merchants have access to the tens of millions of checkout-ready shoppers in the Bolt network who are ready to quickly and easily shop. Whether first time shoppers or lifetime customers, Bolt recognizes each shopper in its network to speed through checkout with a click of a button without forms or passwords.
  • Scale with flexible integration. Merchants can leverage Bolt’s 160+ pre-built integrations with dozens of leading payment processors, tax, shipping, back office ERP and more. Simply connect to existing payment solutions to seamlessly collect payments.
  • Data insight into transactions. Merchants gain business insights on network-driven transactions by simply logging into the Bolt dashboard to access data on network-driven sales volume, account creation, AOV and more with embedded accelerated checkout.
  • Easy Configuration. Merchants can set up in minutes by easily connecting existing payment solutions within the Payment Settings within the BigCommerce Control Panel.

“The last two years have accelerated changes in what consumers expect to get out of their shopping experience, where trends like buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS), buy now, pay later (BNPL) and payments processing, are rapidly gaining traction. Having the right technology and infrastructure in place is essential for merchants to deliver on those expectations while focusing on the business at hand,” said Russell Klein, chief commercial officer for BigCommerce. “Expanding availability of Bolt to all of our merchants will enable those store owners to further refine and optimize their checkout and overall conversion rates strategies, while still preserving their access to the myriad payment and other technology partner solutions that they also want to deploy.”

“Shoppers expect a seamless checkout experience, whether they’re purchasing from a local boutique or a huge global retailer, so it’s crucial that these businesses provide the same quick, easy checkout that the biggest platforms do,” said Bob Buch, chief business officer of Bolt. “We’re extremely pleased to offer this more deeply integrated solution that enables BigCommerce merchants to keep their existing guest checkout, while taking advantage of the increased conversion rate enabled by Bolt’s built-in one-click checkout. We’ve streamlined installation to make sure businesses of all sizes have nearly instant access to our network of tens of millions of shoppers.

Listen now to Ryan Breslow, founder and executive chairman of Bolt who joins the Make it Big podcast for an interview with BigCommerce CEO Brent Bellm about the checkout experience.

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