CallCabinet Unveils a New, Modern Brand Identity and Website

CallCabinet, the industry’s leader in compliance recording and business intelligence, is pleased to announce they have revamped its brand identity, including a new logo and color palette, website, navigation and user experience journey. The website was designed to assist modern business leaders, carriers and service providers in locating critical and relevant information efficiently.

The new brand identity and website reflect best practices in website design and navigation, with streamlined content and greater use of graphics. We’ll be adding videos, whitepapers, use cases, customer testimonials, infographics, and more in the weeks ahead. A global team developed CallCabinet’s new brand to spotlight our cloud expertise and unique service offerings, which have revolutionized the call recording industry over the past decade. A few core strengths include:

-Atmos was engineered to be the most fundamentally compliant call recording software solution imaginable.
-It’s versatile, scalable and future-proof, with upgrades managed seamlessly in the SaaS manner.
-Customizable recording plans, intelligent voice data analytics and global support – Atmos evolves your business by putting your data to work for you.
-Enable global enterprises to break free of the premise-based stranglehold through an exclusive legacy data migration process that dramatically reduces
crossover time between platforms.

While the logo and website may be shiny and new, the rest should not come as a surprise to you. After all, most readers will recognize CallCabinet as a compliance leader even if they aren’t aware that we literally invented cloud recording.

CallCabinet’s reputation for compliance expertise extends back a decade to the launch of their multiple-award-winning Atmos platform, the very first cloud-native call recording platform allowing enterprises to implement compliance recording as a SaaS solution for the first time.

Prior to the release of our Atmos platform, the only compliance recording solutions available were the expensive and situationally vulnerable on-premise recording systems that some enterprises are still struggling with today. Atmos touched off an all-out industry revolution that has changed the face of compliance recording forever.

And we’re still at it. During the global pandemic, enterprises discovered just how crucial our work-from-anywhere compliance solutions really are, and they are now following CallCabinet as we lead the way in ensuring compliance for UC platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Cisco Collaboration platforms, Zoom and others.

“After more than 10 years in business, we decided we needed a fresh, modern new look, bringing us in line with the changing times and our role as the industry’s leader in compliance recording,” said CallCabinet CEO, Ryan Kahan.

Our new brand and website ensure CallCabinet’s commitment to cutting-edge compliance is clearer than ever. We invite you to take a tour of the site, which highlights CallCabinet’s Fin-Serve strength compliance, business intelligence voice analytics, digital transformation, quality assurance and customer experience offerings.

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