Influitive Releases 2022 State of Customer Marketing Report

This report explores today’s customer marketer, how the field has matured and evolved, and the myriad of ways it provides wider business impact

Influitive Corporation, the leading provider of engagement software for customer advocacy and online communities, has released its 2022 State of Customer Marketing Report. Influitive surveyed over 200 customer marketers across 17 countries in November 2021 to understand the key values and quantitative impact of customer marketing programs.

Customer marketing has hit the mainstream, with 98% of executives rating customer marketing as either very important or important to the overall success of their organization. Ninety-two percent of responding companies said their 2022 customer marketing budgets have grown or remained solid, up 9% from 2020.

Moreover, customer marketers using Influitive are seeing significant gains over their industry peers. For example, 67% of Influitive customers (versus 50% of non-Influitive customers) reported having revenue gains over the past year due to their customer marketing efforts, and 79% of Influitive customers (versus 66% of non-Influitive customers) are either satisfied or very satisfied with their customer marketing efforts.

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“Over the last five years, customer marketing, advocacy and online community continue to see phenomenal growth, adoption and business impact as organizations adjust to a buyer-driven, customer-centric world,” said Dan Cote, Chief Marketing Officer at Influitive. “We’re also proud that Influitive customers stand tall among their industry peers in the ways they’ve grown their budgets, advocate pool, and have been able to tie their customer engagement efforts to significant revenue gains.”

Other key findings from the report include:

  • 93% of executives considered customer marketing very important or important to their company’s selling efforts.
  • 92% of respondents said their customer marketing budgets are growing or solid.
  • 85% of respondents have a customer advocacy program, while 82% have an online customer community.

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