Mapp Cloud Delivered 540% ROI

 Mapp, the international provider of insight-led customer experiences, released the results of a commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study designed to evaluate the financial impact of Mapp Cloud on a composite organisation. The study demonstrates the potential value of Mapp Cloud which includes an ROI of 540% over three years. Other benefits identified for the composite organisation using Mapp Cloud include:

  • Increased reach of messaging to over 500K more customers
  • A 25% improvement in messaging engagement
  • A one-fifth (20%) increase in conversions on marketing messaging
  • Basket size increased by 10%
  • 25% increase in marketer productivity

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The Forrester study identified that Mapp Cloud helps improve customer identification and deliverability of messaging. The deliverability of messages was also shown to improve by 1.5% for the composite organisation, resulting in millions more messages reaching customers annually.

In addition to the numerous quantified benefits of Mapp Cloud, the Forrester study also identified unquantified benefits including:

  • Usage of insights from analytics module, Mapp Intelligence across all marketing activity – with a better understanding of customers, marketers were able to create more relevant content for their website and tailor creative/content choices to match customers’ interests.
  • Diversification of marketing campaigns – This dynamic approach ensured that customers could interact seamlessly with a variety of touchpoints along their purchase journey.
  • Growing maturity of marketing team – Teams leveraging Mapp Cloud built more complex customer segments and adopted a more granular focus with their targeting to reach hard-to-get customers.
  • Technology spending efficiencies. Organisations leveraging Mapp Cloud offloaded legacy solutions that supported channel messaging and data analysis. These incremental savings helped free up additional budget to go toward the investment in Mapp Cloud.

Three years ago, Mapp decided it could better help its customers by shifting from pure CDP/Marketing Automation to focus on Insight-led Customer Experience. As the market moves away from third-party customer data, this strategy of bringing more self-service insights to marketers has paid off, with Mapp customers already giving highly positive feedback on Mapp Cloud. The study has now also found that Mapp can contribute significantly towards the growing maturity of its customers’ marketing teams.

Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp comments, “We are delighted that the Forrester study has been able to quantify the benefits delivered by Mapp Cloud. We believe the Forrester study shows our strategic focus on Insight-led Customer Experience solutions is adding significant value to B2C brands. To us, the fact that our customers benefited from 540% ROI over three years and the value we brought to them when it comes to increases in customer engagement, conversions, and sales, all while increasing employee productivity, are testament to the calibre of our solutions and our people.”

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