Mapp Launches New AI Assistant

Mapp, the leading international provider of insight-led customer experience solutions, has announced the latest addition to the Mapp Cloud – Mapp AI Assistant, designed to enhance and automate marketers’ cross-channel campaigns.

Mapp has always been committed to simplifying the marketing landscape by helping marketers in identifying opportunities, analyzing data, and extracting valuable insights. The 2020 launch of Mapp’s Insight-led Customer Experience was a breakthrough, unifying data extraction and campaign orchestration in a way that led to 540% ROI over three years for Mapp’s customers*.

Steve Warren, CEO of Mapp says, “We’re committed to enhancing and simplifying the marketer’s experience. With Mapp AI Assistant, we’re introducing our customers to AI tools that support more informed decisions and contribute to the success of their marketing efforts. This represents a step forward in our journey towards an AI-empowered future in marketing.”

In the latest enhancement to Mapp Cloud, Mapp AI Assistant offers marketers AI-driven support with opportunity and anomaly identification, content and segmentation creation, and even predictive analysis for optimizing campaign delivery.

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Key Features Include:

  • Automated Marketing Insights: Mapp AI Assistant provides automatic alerts for trends or anomalies, enriches customer data by predicting behaviour like conversion or churn, and offers a 30-day metric forecast.

  • Order Value Monitoring: Automated notifications and integrated root cause analysis are provided if there’s a change in revenue metrics.

  • Custom Process Monitoring: Whether it’s a checkout process or a different process, Mapp’s AI Assistant can detect anomalies, offering hourly or daily checks, and even allows customisation for industry-specific requirements.

  • AI-Driven Segment Detection: Enhance retargeting strategies with Mapp AI Assistant’s ability to identify and evaluate new customer segments.

  • AI-Supported Content Generation: Integrating with ChatGPT, Mapp Engage now provides suggestions, improvements, and translations for email subject lines and content, adaptable to various brand tones and target audiences.

  • Best Channel and Best Send out Time: Mapp AI Assistant enables predictive campaign delivery, suggesting the best channel and time to reach individual customers, whether it’s through email, mobile push, SMS, or in-app messaging.

  • Smart Predictions: Predict future behaviour of customers, from conversion probabilities to lifetime value, with the ability to instantly act on these insights.

Eric Lubow, CPTO of Mapp adds: “The Mapp AI Assistant marks a new milestone in the evolution of AI integration within our platform, reflecting our vision for more intelligent and streamlined marketing. Our technology is designed to bring improvements that matter, helping marketers navigate the evolving landscape with more effective tools.”

Mapp AI Assistant stands as a testament to Mapp’s commitment to innovation and enhancement. With its robust AI capabilities, Mapp is set to redefine the future of marketing, supporting businesses in delivering unique customer experiences.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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