PolyAI Announces 2nd Annual CX 100 Nominations Recognizing Individuals Transforming Customer Experience

PolyAI, a global leader in conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and customer-led voice assistants, announced the launch of its second annual CX 100 Awards. As with its inaugural roster, the program aims to recognize and celebrate 100 individuals who have made a significant impact in the field of customer experience and/or contact center management.

Nominations for the CX 100 Awards are open to leaders from various industries who are passionate about putting customers in the driver’s seat and delivering unbeatable experiences every time. The program acknowledges CX and contact center leaders who are customer-led, empowering and transformative. PolyAI believes in the power of customer-led initiatives focused on understanding and exceeding customer expectations to drive loyalty and sustained business growth.

Last year’s CX 100 winners set a high standard for industry leadership by being bold and innovative while customer expectations continued to rise. As leaders in customer service, they showed an unwavering commitment to improving customer satisfaction and optimizing contact center operations. Last year’s winners included leaders from companies like Hilton, United Airlines, FedEx, Disney and more.

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Key details of the CX 100 Awards:

  • Deadline for nominations: January 6, 2024
  • Cost: Free to enter; multiple nominations welcome.
  • Criteria: Individuals who have showcased exceptional leadership, innovation and a commitment to customer-centric values in the field of customer experience and contact center management.

PolyAI invites nominations for individuals from companies and organizations worldwide who have achieved outstanding results through their customer-led initiatives. Nominated leaders will be evaluated based on their ability to create exceptional customer experiences, drive customer-centricity across their organizations and empower their representatives to deliver exceptional service. The CX 100 list will be announced in early 2024, highlighting the top leaders who have made a transformational impact on customer experience and contact center management.

SOURCE: PRNewswire

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