Top 6 Free Conversational Intelligence Software Reviewed for 2024

Conversational intelligence software is changing the game for businesses when it comes to customer engagement. With the help of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, this technology offers incredible insights from customer interactions.

Imagine being able to record and transcribe conversations, analyze the sentiment behind them, and spot important trends. This could be the reason why companies are increasingly integrating this software. This article sheds light on free conversation intelligence software.

What is Conversational Intelligence Software?

Conversational intelligence software is a tool that records, transcribes, and analyzes interactions with customers and prospects. It enables customer success managers, account managers, and sales reps to have more insight into their conversations and discover ways to improve them.

This program goes beyond traditional call recording software or cloud meeting solutions by analyzing discussions and taking notes on relevant subjects using conversational AI and machine learning. Hence, facilitating simple access to pivotal points from the conversations.

An example of conversational intelligence is any software that can determine the requirements, preferences, and pain areas of customers by analyzing audio and text data from customer interactions. It can assist companies with call center scripting, conversational AI strategy development, and customer service interaction optimization.

Benefits of Conversational Intelligence Software

Conversational Intelligence SoftwareHere are five key advantages that conversational intelligence software provides to users and organizations:

  1. Deeper Customer Insights: Understand customer needs and preferences more comprehensively. By scrutinizing conversations, businesses can uncover underlying customer sentiments and trends, enabling them to customize their offerings more effectively to align with customer expectations.
  2. Enhanced Customer Support: Streamline and personalize customer service interactions. Conversational intelligence software can deliver immediate, context-sensitive responses to customer inquiries, reducing wait times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  3. Improved Operational Efficiency: Rationalize communication processes and workflows. This technology can automate mundane inquiries and tasks, liberating human agents to tackle more intricate issues, thus optimizing resource allocation and curbing operational expenditures.
  4. Real-time Feedback and Monitoring: Monitor customer interactions and feedback instantaneously. Organizations can swiftly identify and rectify issues as they arise, facilitating agile adjustments to products, services, and customer support strategies.
  5. Data-driven Decision Making: Drive strategic decisions with actionable insights. The comprehensive analysis furnished by conversational intelligence software empowers businesses to make well-informed decisions based on exhaustive data on customer behavior and preferences.

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Top 6 Free Conversational Intelligence Software for Sales Teams

Conversational Intelligence Software


Fathom is a free app that lets you record, transcribe, and summarise Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams meetings in real time and concentrate on the discussion rather than taking notes.

Using all that data, Fathom creates call notes automatically and syncs them with your Close CRM, Hubspot, or Salesforce accounts.

Conversational Intelligence Software


  • Share Highlights
  • Auto-sync notes
  • Summaries of your CRM, docs, and tasks
  • Share clips with coworkers and customers


  • Facilitates data export for in-depth analysis
  • Seamlessly integrates with leading video hosting platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo
  • Offers specialized video analytics, delivering detailed insights


  • Interface might pose challenges for users unaccustomed to video analytics
  • May prove excessively tailored for teams with limited reliance on video content
  • Pricing lacks transparency

HubSpot Sales Hub

The HubSpot sales hub provides deep call insights with automatic speech data recording. You may measure competition patterns, uncover common objections, and find coaching prospects using HubSpot.

Hubspot sales hub is one of the best conversation intelligence software as it acts like an all-in-tool.

Conversational Intelligence SoftwareFeatures:

  • Conversation analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Telephone transcribing
  • Personalized reports
  • Call monitoring
  • Tools for sales coaching (playlists for coaching, real-time feedback)


  • Comprehensive Platform
  • Email and Call Tracking:
  • Integration and Data Management
  • Ease of Use and Support


  • Limited Automation
  • Price Creep and Contracts
  • Lead Catching Accuracy is an innovative conversational intelligence software that offers a range of features to enhance meeting productivity and collaboration. One notable aspect of is that it provides a free version of its software, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

With, users can easily transcribe and analyze voice conversations from various sources, including video-conferencing apps, dialers, and audio files.


  • Video screen capture
  • Record Zoom, GMeet, MS Teams
  • AI meeting summary
  • Easily share & collaborate on meeting recaps
  • Transcription for 69+ languages
  • Search within meetings
  • Playback (1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x)


  • Accurate transcription
  • Integration and collaboration platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack,
  • AI-powered insights to identify trends, keywords
  • Actionable Meeting Summaries


  • Occasional accuracy issues
  • Limited customization
  • Pricing structure
  • Dependency on Internet connection

Apollo AI helps you by driving subsequent actions and optimizing your win rate by transcribing, analyzing, and extracting insightful information from your sales discussions.

It is mostly concentrated on sales automation, lead creation, and contact database administration, even if it offers conversation intelligence features like call transcription and analysis.

Conversational Intelligence SoftwareFeatures

  • Transcribes calls and provides a visual waveform representation
  • Facilitates coaching and consistency within the sales team
  • Integrate CRM systems like Salesforce, Slack, and automation platforms like Zapier


Avoma serves as a comprehensive AI meeting assistant designed for teams engaging directly with customers. Powered by artificial intelligence, Avoma aids in capturing vital customer data before, during, and after crucial meetings.

Analyzing conversational nuances and insights enables representatives to streamline sales processes and enhance customer satisfaction. Avoma offers features such as automatic meeting recording, complete transcripts, summarized notes, and actionable insights seamlessly integrated with your CRM platform.


  • Conversation analysis and insights
  • Automated transcription and recording
  • AI-powered meeting summaries
  • Integration with communication platforms
  • Improve customer conversations
  • Seamless collaboration and understanding

Covin AI is a cutting-edge conversational intelligence software that revolutionizes customer interactions and sales processes. With its advanced AI algorithms, Covin AI provides real-time insights and analytics on customer conversations, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.

The software offers features like automated transcription, sentiment analysis, and keyword tracking, empowering teams to extract valuable information from conversations.


  • Automated transcription of customer conversations
  • Sentiment analysis to identify potential issues
  • Keyword tracking to identify trends and prioritize key topics
  • Real-time monitoring of customer interactions
  • Speech analytics to enhance customer engagement


  • Automated transcription saves time and improves accuracy
  • Sentiment analysis helps gauge customer satisfaction
  • Actionable insights enable data-driven decision-making
  • Real-time monitoring allows for prompt responses to customer needs
  • Integration capabilities with various communication platforms


  • May require initial setup and configuration
  • Accuracy of transcription may vary depending on audio quality
  • Limited customization options for analytics and reporting
  • Potential privacy concerns with recording and analyzing customer conversations
  • Cost considerations for businesses with large volumes of customer interactions

End Note

Conversational intelligence software represents a transformative tool in modern business communication. Its integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning not only facilitates real-time insights from customer interactions but also empowers organizations to optimize agent performance, elevate customer experiences, and drive positive business outcomes. With its ability to decode conversational nuances and deliver actionable analytics, this software stands as a pivotal asset in shaping the future of customer engagement and organizational success.

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