Totango Marks a New Era Focused on Composable Customer Success Empowering Companies to Excel During Economic Uncertainty

Totango Debuts New Brand Identity with Cut the BS out of CS Awareness Campaign

Totango, the industry’s only Composable Customer Success (CS) platform that helps companies drive immediate value, unveiled a new brand identity reflecting the evolution of the customer success technology pioneer.

Once again, Totango leads the way in the customer success industry with the unveiling of a new brand identity that captures the hyper-growth energy and vibrancy of the company. The new design aesthetic represents what Totango is–modern, energetic, and approachable–with lots of personality to reflect the passion and individuality of every employee.

The new design system is rolling out across the completely revamped, as well as new brand videos, blogs, social media, webinars, and events.

The new brand is also coming to life with the launch of a bold, edgy awareness ad campaign, Cut the BS out of CS! The campaign positions Totango as the customer success software that helps businesses solve chokepoints and rescues them from the limitations of poor, unfit solutions like CRMs.

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With Composable Customer Success from Totango, companies can finally bring order to the chaos of managing dozens of unique workflows, many-to-many coordination across functions, and customer data spread across multiple systems. It’s a modular, customizable solution for modern business challenges to eliminate scale-up growth chokepoints, rather than haphazardly force-fitting tools like:

  • Outdated CRMs, which were built for another era and lack CS best practices
  • Monolithic CS platforms which dictate your business, require big bang stalls and IT heavy services, and focus on activities rather than outcomes
  • Cheap CS solutions that can’t scale or handle complexity, and have disconnected features
  • Modern work tool band-aids like generic project management tools which lack CS workflows and embedded best practices

“Monolithic technology and the old way of doing business where companies invest heavily in expanding their new customer base do not work in today’s world with economic uncertainty,” said Jamie Bertasi, President and COO of Totango. “Existing customers don’t care about efforts to attract new customers, and the ability to strengthen long-established relationships is where businesses need to focus in the coming years to achieve stable and predictable growth.”

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