TouchPoint One Gamification Energizes Customer Contact Workforce with A-GAME Hoops 2022 Contact Center Performance Challenge

TouchPoint One Contact Center Gamification Solution Creates Winning Bonds Between Customer Contact Agents and Senior Management to Boost Workforce Engagement, Retention, and Success

TouchPoint One, the leading provider of performance management and employee engagement solutions for contact centers, announced details for A-GAME Hoops 2022, the basketball-themed version of its A-GAME Leagues Contact Center Performance Challenge. A-GAME uses sports tournaments, island-hopping expeditions, medieval quests, and other themes to transform large, diverse customer contact operations into aligned, engaged, performance leaders. Hoops 2022 first-round action begins March 21 and culminates in enterprise title championships scheduled throughout April and May.

“A-GAME Hoops is back for 2022 to energize teams and boost contact center performance like never before,” said Greg Salvato, CEO of TouchPoint One. “This year’s Hoops theme is based on the inspiring quote from Boston Celtics legend, Bill Russel – “What distinguishes a great player is his presence. When he goes on to the court, his presence dominates the atmosphere.” Every member of the customer contact workforce has a role to play in creating an atmosphere where CX, EX, and business excellence can thrive. And yet most gamification solutions exclude senior leadership entirely from the action. With A-GAME Leagues, senior management draft their own fantasy teams to directly connect, mentor, and inspire agent players just like supervisors. A-GAME Leagues facilitates senior management presence and senior management greatness.”

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Gamification is about connection, commitment, and culture—fundamental principles of effective performance management. Employees agree, saying that gamification makes them feel more productive and happier at work, leading to better outcomes for customers and business. In addition, by adding fun to daily tasks and fostering engagement throughout the organization, gamification improves sales, attendance, quality, CSAT, retention, and so much more. With TouchPoint One gamification, the potential to strengthen teams and boost performance in contact centers is limitless.

Data from Cloud or on-premise apps, spreadsheets, data warehouses, and more combine seamlessly with metrics generated via Acuity’s integrated performance dashboard, QA, and workflow optimization modules to enable a holistic performance perspective and complete alignment across gamification and all other business processes and strategies.

The A-GAME Xtreme option expands gamification beyond the front-lines, enabling senior managers and other employees to draft “fantasy” teams comprised of agents from across the entire contact center operation. Xtreme teams compete head-to-head in regular-season matchups and for post-season division titles and league championships.

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