Usertesting Partners With Quantum Metric to Help Organizations Design and Build Customer-Centric Experiences Faster

New partnership helps companies better understand customer needs, and quantify the business impact of digital experiences

UserTesting, a leader in video-based human insight, announced a new partnership with Quantum Metric, the pioneer in Continuous Product Design (CPD), to help companies put the customer at the center of their business. The combined offering will empower organizations with quantified, customer-driven insights that transform how they design and deliver innovative digital products and experiences.

“We are able to see and understand the whole customer journey from start to finish”

“Customer expectations have never been higher and the ability to deliver the products and experiences that they demand is vital to staying competitive,” said Mona Sabet, Chief Corporate Strategy Officer at UserTesting. “However, organizations struggle to bring customer insights and learnings into agile product development processes. This collaboration enables product and digital ecommerce teams to rapidly understand their customers’ experience as they continuously iterate on their offerings in this rapidly changing environment.”

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“Organizations today are tasked with innovating at the pace of their customers,” said Bryce Winkelman, Chief Business and Strategy Officer at Quantum Metric. “Our partnership with UserTesting makes it easier than ever to continuously evolve their digital experiences, helping teams to put the customers at the heart of everything they do. Our partner ecosystem is critical to our success and we are excited to expand our integrations with UserTesting.”

Empowering customer-centric product and digital experiences

The UserTesting Human Insight Platform makes it easy for business and technical teams to bring human insight into the entire product development lifecycle – from needs discovery and concept design through new feature delivery and optimization. They can target current or future customers within the platform, ask questions, and give instructions to perform different tasks. The platform captures the experience as they share their thoughts out loud, for example as they read a problem description, browse a digital prototype, or visit a website and request a quote. The platform leverages an opt-in, global network of individuals around the world to quickly deliver video-based Customer Experience Narratives (CxN™) typically in less than a day, and often within a few hours. The quality, differentiated CxN format, and speed of the feedback completely transforms the development process and helps to eliminate guesswork.

The Quantum Metric platform adds additional depth to insights from UserTesting through session replay technology that allows the user to easily empathize with the customer experience. Teams can then easily quantify potential errors or opportunities to proactively optimize their digital experience. As a result businesses are able to more effectively iterate their digital products by prioritizing projects based on the needs of the customer and its impact on the business.

Using both platforms, business and technical teams are able to bring customer insights into the development process, see experiences of real people, and build a cross-team understanding of diverse customer perspectives. This helps organizations innovate and speed up time to product-market-fit, reduce expensive engineering rework, drive empathy for their customers, and accelerate decision making, alignment and urgency to act.

With today’s rapidly evolving digital economy, organizations must be able to maintain agility. Organizations must be able to quickly identify pain points, solutions, and understand the evolving changes that need to be made through the web for a best in class website. The UserTesting Human Insight Platform is helping companies like Extra Space Storage leverage direct customer feedback very early on in our optimization process. The Extra Space Storage marketing team is able to test prototypes before coding to the website, allowing a more efficient use of development resources. The Quantum Metric Platform allows Extra Space Storage to then gain a deeper level of technical understanding through its qualitative and quantitative tools within the platform.

“We are able to see and understand the whole customer journey from start to finish,” said Meggie Rider, Web Optimization Specialist. “This enables us to make data-driven decisions, create a better customer experience, and ultimately increase conversion rate through analysis, all while ensuring that our users’ personal identifiable information is completely and securely masked. It helps our team identify recommendations on our user flows and strategy. Utilizing these two platforms has advanced our entire optimization journey and has created a lot of success!”

Partnership to connect customer insights for Continuous Product Design

As part of their partnership, UserTesting and Quantum Metric will be developing programs and integrations throughout 2022 that create a more seamless integration between the two platforms. Utilizing the practices of Continuous Product Design, the integration will center on providing teams a single version of the truth that’s fast, quantified, and based on what existing and future customers actually experience. The integrations will enable companies to more easily identify, quantify and gain a deeper understanding of customer pain points when using both platforms together to deliver differentiated digital products & experiences faster.

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