Valmont Transforms the Coating Industry with a Connected Customer Experience

Valmont® Coatings Launches VCC Max, an Industry Exclusive that Connects Customers to the Entire Process, Offers Greater Access to Information and Improves Efficiency

Valmont Industries, Inc., a leading global provider of engineered products and services for infrastructure development and irrigation equipment and services for agriculture, announced the transformation of their customer communication and product tracking platform, Valmont Coatings Connector® Max.

Valmont Coatings Connector (VCC), was introduced in 2018 as a first-to-market customer communication solution, offering real-time insight into the coatings process and individual order status. The launch of Valmont Coatings Connector Max represents another leap forward in technology, visibility and efficiency, transforming the customer experience.

“VCC Max immerses customers into the entire coatings process through innovative technology, improving connectivity to their product, saving them valuable resources and delivering greater confidence,” says Rick Cornish, Group President, Global Coatings for Valmont.

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VCC set the standard for real-time visibility of order status on any device with Internet access and connectivity via automatic notifications. Now VCC Max is raising the bar even higher with enhanced order and document visibility, the ability to reduce lead times by pre-scheduling future orders, access to request additional services, faster resolution of questions and issues, and more.

Today, 83% of the total volume processed through a Valmont Coatings location is linked to an active VCC customer account, and on average, a customer logs in to VCC 16 days per month. More than 1.2 million automatically generated notifications have been sent to customers since VCC’s launch. While adoption of the platform has been a success, Valmont Coatings knew the industry-best solution could be improved and deliver even more results for customers and employees.

“Three years ago, our innovation team developed VCC to address gaps in visibility and communication throughout the coatings process,” says Mike Michalski, Vice President, Demand Creation and Innovation. “Since then, customers and employees provided valuable feedback that inspired the creation of the world’s first fully cloud-based job shop system: VCC Max.

Internal Efficiency Leads to External Benefits

VCC Max was designed to improve the digital customer experience and streamline the company’s internal processing systems. All core business systems are consolidated in VCC Max, eliminating the need for multiple systems. “This alone will greatly increase efficiency,” Michalski adds. As a fully cloud-based solution, VCC Max replaces our 27 on premise job shop systems and connects facilities directly with customers around the globe. From order entry to invoicing, every step in the coatings process is managed in the new system, creating efficiency and transparency across all aspects of the customer experience. This advanced technology allows all stakeholders to save time, process less paperwork, and maintain visibility on products with less waste. “There’s nothing like VCC Max in the coatings industry, and we’re like no other coatings provider, because we’re offering a completely connected customer experience.”

“Our goal is to leverage our advanced technology to reduce waste and maximize sustainability, and we’re proud to say that VCC Max accomplishes this for our customers and employees,” says Cornish. “We have been living our tagline of Conserving Resources. Improving Life.® since our company’s founding, and this commitment is at the core of everything we do, providing products, services and solutions that enhance the lives of our customers, employees and communities around the globe.”

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