Vitech Launches CampaignCenter Solution For Sophisticated Customer Outreach

Vitech Systems Group, a leading provider of cloud-native administrative software, announced the launch of its CampaignCenter solution, a cloud-native, dynamic outreach and engagement application for transformative customer communications.

CampaignCenter provides advanced analytics and outcome measurement tools, with insightful data visualization for campaign enrichment. It also leverages the robust enterprise features of V3locity, Vitech’s cloud-native administration, engagement, and analytics platform, to offer innovative campaigns, fully integrated with V3locity’s CRM, workflow, and digital services.

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“For success in today’s digital environment, businesses must implement targeted communications and multichannel capability, with configurable audience segmentation, content, delivery channel, and outreach cadence options to improve customer servicing and drive segment growth,” said Ali Kheirolomoom, Vitech’s Chief Product Officer. “With flexible segmentation based on customer preferences and interaction history, the right messaging reaches the right customer at the right time, on the device of their choice.”

CampaignCenter is part of V3locity’s transformative suite of complementary applications that offers full life-cycle business functionality and robust enterprise capabilities. V3locity combines modern and proven core administration with a revolutionary digital experience. Its modular design enables flexible, agile deployment strategies. V3locity employs an advanced, cloud-native architecture that leverages the unique capabilities of AWS to deliver a solution with unparalleled security, scalability, and resiliency.

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