Adobe Charts the Future of Creativity and AI at MAX London

Adobe is taking MAX, the world’s largest creativity conference, on the road to new markets around the world with the first stop in London to share major product releases and engage with the creative community. Adobe unveiled the future of creativity and AI with groundbreaking AI innovations and features that expand creativity for all. Every creator and business around the world is focused on building their brand and engaging their audiences through creativity and compelling content. Adobe is at the forefront of this massive market opportunity as it brings continuous AI innovation to Creative Cloud and Adobe Express, removing the blank page and bringing powerful and approachable creative expression to users.

At MAX London, Adobe announced the new Photoshop (beta), with advancements in Generative Fill now with Reference Image to deliver greater superpowers and significant new degrees of creative control for all Photoshop users. The integration of Generate Image shortens the distance between the blank page and stunning results so users at every skill level have the tools they need to jumpstart their creativity.

The company unveiled the next major release in Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models, Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model (beta), advancing state of the art for AI image generation that brings new levels of creative expression and control to all. Over 7 billion images have been created with Adobe Firefly since its launch in March of 2023 as generative AI drives significant user and usage growth across Photoshop and Express. The new Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model architecture powers the growing set of generative capabilities in Photoshop.

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Adobe demonstrated how Adobe Express will transform mobile workflows across content creation and marketing, bringing the magic of Firefly generative AI from desktop to mobile. Millions of users around the world are turning to Express to create more content than ever before – more than doubling the number of creations made in just the last year. With the power and precision of Adobe’s industry-leading photo, design, video and generative AI into an all-in-one content editor, the Express mobile app gives everyone the ability to produce the highest quality content from the convenience of their mobile devices.

“Adobe’s steady stream of generative AI innovations are inspiring demand across the creative community – from students to creative professionals and Fortune 500 companies,” said David Wadhwani, president, Digital Media Business at Adobe. “With the latest release of Photoshop, the new Firefly Image 3 Model and the recent launch of Express mobile apps, we’re bringing the power of AI to creators whenever and wherever they need it.”

Innovations Unveiled Across Creative Cloud at MAX London

  • Photoshop: All-new Photoshop has advanced Generative Fill now with Reference Image, delivering greater control for creators and superpowers for all Photoshop users. New features like Generate Image shorten the distance between the blank page and amazing results so people at every skill level have the tools they need to jumpstart their creativity. Powered by Adobe Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model, these innovations are ushering in a new era of the world’s leading image editing app with powerful generative AI capabilities deeply integrated into the workflows that creators know and love.
  • Firefly: Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model will bring massive advancements to quality and control to Firefly’s foundation image model. This includes higher-quality image generations, better understanding of prompts, new levels of detail and variety, and significant improvements that enable fast creative expression and ideation.
  • Express: The all-new Adobe Express mobile apps are now available to all users across web and mobile, bringing features powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI directly into the hands of millions of content creators wherever they are.


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